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  1. No offense to the OP but none of those things mentioned have ever even been considered a annoyance (to me) feature yes annoying no? Then to further classify them as something that makes this game incomplete well sorry have to respectfully disagree!
  2. Guessing it will be part of the giving out the keys process?
  3. Playing underrail on steam! Excellent game btw....best 10$ I have spent well ever.
  4. I registered here after reading some truly sad comments posted by folks ..and honestly I am not even sure why they would say such things? Far as I can tell they are upset because: a) You are not fixing this fast enough and they are tired of waiting. or b) The modders working diligently for the last 2+ years are all wasting their time? Have a few comments first instead of complaining its taking too long or mods are wasting their time, then help then with it!! And if you cant do that then at least try and post constructive feedback, and if thats too much to ask then just don't even bother to post as I am sure there are may other board that need your trolling talents. I for one am happy anyone is willing to make this kind of effort to restore a good game into something even better when complete. This truely is a labor of love for some so kudos to anyone still working on it!
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