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  1. You mean the 2009 OS that mainstream support ended on January 13, 2015? I am shocked that Obsidian isn't supporting Windows 7. Yes, the 2009 one that nearly 40% of the desktop market still uses and has no desire to upgrade. Now that Obsidian is Microsoft they won't support their older OS's. Keep sucking up I'm sure they're just about to make you a mod. Around 30% of Steam gamers use Win 7. Less for gamers in the West, the target market. Less among FPS gamers. Obsidian, Private Division, and Microsoft will have statistics on the market, they won't leave 40% on the table. Microsoft don't
  2. You mean the 2009 OS that mainstream support ended on January 13, 2015? I am shocked that Obsidian isn't supporting Windows 7. Well I'm appalled by the fact they're not supporting Windows XP, the best one.
  3. ... I would've guessed they played Fallout 1, 2, or you know, New Vegas. I suppose not. (Not to mention various old RPGs, Arcanum comes to mind, for some reason). Or at least read about them to an extend.
  4. Most game engines provide their own methods for testing, but in game testing is still indispensable. They probably do have some console commands in built in the dev versions, I sure hope they ship it with these commands. Noclip and "moveto player" are life savers in a lot of open world RPGs.
  5. And how Geralt is a character with clear boundaries, as opposed to the spectrum of baby eating bastard to naive goody two shoes paragon the player might occupy in other RPGs.
  6. I mean, it's not a proper RPG if you can't quicksave to murder the entire town folk when I DEFINITELY HAVE BEEN TO THE BLOODY CLOUD DISTRICT YOU REDGUARD SCUM. *Loading screen* Ahem. Sorry. Right. Right, of course I didn't. Good day.
  7. What the hell are you on about? The game is coming out for both consoles and Windows. See here: And if you're talking about Linux, well pardon them for not creating an architecture for the %1 of the potential userbase. And one shouldn't really expect to play games on MacOS anyway. Maybe down the line, if the sales are good, it could be feasible. While I'm not exactly keen on the fact that there's no "romance", I trust them to create characters that feel close to your heart. Say, like, Veronica in New Vegas. And I will probably be adding a mod to alleviate this fact when they e
  8. Hmm. This should be easy to implement to be honest. I'll be surprised if there are no options for this. As for the hit feedback... You'll know when they fall. And to be honest, they already seem to be flinching whenever they are hit, so all seems to be well in that front.
  9. While the from the given gameplay it's hard to extrapolate how damage to player/enemies could be adjusted within the options, it would be great if there was a deadly combat option. Not the make enemies bullet sponges kind, like seen in many games. But similar to this here mod for New Vegas: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35335/ Everyone dies easy. Combat is done in seconds, compared to minutes. Every mistake is punished. And the frontier will claim another damned soul.
  10. Oh no. I saw that gun view. Please no. Can we have an option not to have the gun next to our face please? It's very claustrophobic and annoying. I don't mind if I have a semi-glitched view of my arm if it means I don't have a gun next to my face. It's first thing I did in all my runs in my 350 hours of FO:NV. Pic related: Maybe lower the arm down when out of combat. Since it wouldn't be that "cinematic" or realistic to have an arm in front of you all the time, obviously. Thanks for all the hard work and years of wonderful services you guys provided. Cheers.
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