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  1. I wish to thank Obsidian from my heart too for a genuine and unique game, and for staying true to their beliefs and promises and us fans throughout the years.I am humbled and very pleased, and I will support you in everything that you will pursue. Thank you, I love you.
  2. Thank you from my heart fro the dedication and being here for us.All my love.
  3. Thank you Obsidian.I love you people.Have a great weekend!
  4. Hello. Thank you Roby .Also ,for those that do it, can you please stop pestering the developers and leave them in peace?We love having them here hanging out with us, troll outpost has been relocated permanently.
  5. Hello,and thank you.No hassle,I am guessing they will release basic modding tools eventually if this is to be made possible.
  6. Hello.I wish to ask if there's any way to have more than one player profiles created and manageable for the game, and how you could select which one to load. If this is entirely a modding issue, please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding. Thank you.
  7. Also,something to sweeten the mood a bit:the antelope feet sliding fix has me sold entirely.No contest,lol.
  8. Hello.Only here tonight to lend my hug and support to Darren and all the dev team.I wish to repeat only one thing as a long term Obsidian fan.I love you people very much and my mind and heart is constantly on you and your amazing effort to keep a unique personality and level in your games each time. Please take your time to QA the path any all other troubleshooting routes accordingly, and please do come back here and talk to us as often as possible. Thank you.
  9. @aeolisio:Hi,and thank you kindly VERY much for your thread and fix. I can confirm this works great, and has restored my saves successfuly. I wanted to let you know that I have created s thread in Steam forums providing your fix and crediting and thanking you, please accept my apologies for not asking for your permission first, it's very late in the night here, and I only wished to inform Steam folks on this, having witnessed it works. But,if you are offended and think the thread should be removed, please let me know, and I will contact forum mod/admin so the thread is immediately deleted. Steam forums thread title:"Save games fix suggestion from user in Obsidian forums=works for me." Thank you again, Kind Regards, menicus(maldyus_grm on Steam).
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