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  1. This is a bug that should be fixed or relocate them where is less agro from the guards! Trial of Iron Path of the Damned This is much harder with everything buffed and can't complete it! The guards also agro if you decide to take out the group pressuring Bertenno for payment in "Velvet Glove, Brass Fist" quest.
  2. Path of the Damned Trial of Iron Turn based fight I just had this same issue. Finished fight(since you can not save during the fight), saved, continued, and fog gone. Hard to fight when you can not target the enemy!
  3. Miscreant's Leathers +6 The Bloody Links +8 Boots of the White +2 I have placed these items on my watcher and gain Freeze defence, but placing them on any other character "together" I lose Freeze armor rating. Doesn't lose other rating just Freeze
  4. Disregard the pet party wide issue. I misread that the stats doesn't apply to the party, only to the main character and the party gets a small buff/effect! Sim
  5. 1. Patch today 11 Sept image shows *Missing strings* on items 2. Pet on main character doesn't buff the group: I.E. +2 Resolve (Eviee) Mouse over other members stats and they don't have the bonus. Tested on Several pets. 3. Rekvu's Fractured Casque Immortal Will: Grants Immortal Will (wearer is immune to interrupts while injured) Always got Interrupted period. Will test further..
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