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  1. Sega_Shaman uses Malpractice Lawsuit! GameDoctor goes to court! Ermm..... ..... OBJECTION! Anyone want to pop something in? Next thing, something completely different, new thing entirely even? ......Pie?
  2. Sega_Shaman uses Malpractice Lawsuit! GameDoctor goes to court!
  3. *Sega Uses Loot where the carrier pigeon fell. Sega gained a message! Sega uses Lvl. 7 Oragami! on message. Message becomes a paper plane. Sega Lights paper plane on FIRE and flicks it at "challenger".* Fire Solves All.
  4. *Sega flicks a casual fireball spell at the nearby city park, which being a park, has quite a few trees.* (To be honest, it WAS a small fireball.)
  5. Only real men wear pink Oh yeah, and in the comic, both Law and Chaos are neutral with applications for both good & evil.
  6. Todd? The viking-helmet-wearing round guy that in one episode meets the creator of D&D?
  7. In Dominic Deegan, which is a pretty good web comic by Michael Terracciano, on the good side of Law, it is reason, logic, and perfection, but the downside of it is opression and conformity. Chaos is adaptabilty, freedom, spontaniety, with instability and madness as its negative parts. I think these are pretty good descriptions of them.
  8. Recognizing The Game Doctor, Sega hands him 2 butterknives that he created by casting a Polymorph spell on the spoon.
  9. Full Metal Alchemist for me. And still trying to find the movie. And then the show gets switched for Cowboy Bebop, instead of replacing Blood Plus (which I guess is more popular than Full Metal, but I'm still ticked about it.)
  10. Hey there, you made it here! \/\/00+!

  11. Uses Loot on Architect. Sega gains 20 gold, a spoon, and a set of keys.
  12. *Sega_Shaman casts Teleport again, both halves dissapear in puffs of smoke, Sega_Shaman reforms intact on the other side of the room* "I can move again!! W00+/\/355 !!!1"
  13. *Suddenly, the Robot Chicken theme starts playing* IT'S ALIVE! *Sega_Shaman's lower body trips over a cow. Sega_Shaman's upper body is still stuck on the bar counter.*
  14. In the word of all the Greys (those little grey aliens) , "It's probin' time!" which might be one way that happens.
  15. *Sega_Shaman, noticing the newcomer has skills in magic, he waves and asks,* "Can I get some help? I'm a little stuck at the moment." *at which point his lower body runs past DeathScepter.*
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