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  1. Headcanon basically it was just me being picky. Nope, honestly 5 Red Hands were enough to roll through most things I came across on that playthrough. Granted again that squad never went into the DLCs. No crashes, no bugs. I've heard of people having issues with the unity console but personally I have never had a problem with it.
  2. I used the Unity Console to spawn 4 other Red Hands. It was hilarious, like a squad of minutemen. With the fighter passives and all with high Athletics I didn't really feel that tight on healing. For tanking I had 5 bears. Yup, standard might per and dex. The playthrough was never finished though due to headcanon issues. The closest thing I guess is getting Red Hand, Dragon's Dowry, Frostseeker? Really any of the good ranged weapons.
  3. 5 Devoted Sharpshooters if you want to pretend like you guys are a firing squad. Although you'd need to divide the good weapons in your party. If only there were 5 variants of the Red Hand
  4. Just looking for a good unarmed build for Monk, preferrably Helwalker since I'm not too fond of the taking drugs aspect. What would a good subclass for dps be? Or would pure monk be better? This is in a party. I assume 8 str is fine because of Berath and wounds?
  5. What would be a good multiclass for Ranger? I want to make a custom adventurer to accompany my Barbarian. I also have Maia in my party as the gunner. I would like the custom adventurer to use the frostseeker. Sort of like another dps
  6. Yeah fair enough I suppose :D Wait is Persistent Distraction melee only? I was planning on taking it on my dual blunderbuss shadowdancer
  7. Just to clarify, the modal for Blunderbuss, does this count as body affliction? And Delibitating strike as well? This is for the Streetfighter passive buff Distracted is a perception affliction and I think perception afflictions are mind afflictions. Body Afflictions = Might, Con, Dex Mind Afflictions = Per, Int, Resolve *I may be wrong, so take what I stated with a grain of iodized salt or two. This is correct. All PER afflictions cause the target to be flanked, which is how it activates the streetfighter passive. Sorry guys, Im having trouble understanding the tooltips so this is confusing for me. But if my thinking is correct, the modal from the blunderbuss + any affliction skill from rogue + me being flanked or bloodied = Streetfighter passive activation?
  8. Just to clarify, the modal for Blunderbuss, does this count as body affliction? And Delibitating strike as well? This is for the Streetfighter passive buff
  9. It would be pretty funny from an RP perspective. Just imagining pirates trying to board your ship only to find 10 bears ready to charge at them.
  10. Is using one blunderbuss better than dual wielding two of them? Also, what makes Streetfighter/x so good? Is it the blunderbuss damage? CC?
  11. I totally forgot the summoning capabilities in Deadfire..theres so much to do in this game. I really want to try that now. 5 paladins remind me of Darkest Dungeon now that you mention it haha.
  12. Hey guys, a few days ago I asked around what was a good class to pair with a berserker. With your help Im enjoying the game as a Berserker/Streetfighter. Im not at all even close to finishing the game though, not even halfway. I dont think. (Haven't even left for Hasongo yet.) But as I was sailing around trying to get bounties I had a thought. What would 5 Rangers look like or how would they perform? With that said, what kind of party have you guys thought of that involves all 5 members being the same class or combination of subclasses?
  13. Hey guys, having trouble deciding what to pair with Barbarian. I want to use dual weapons and roll with some companions. Will I be too squishy if I go with Helwalker? Or is Rogue a better option? (More specifically a streetfighter) Edit: Sorry for double posting
  14. As the title suggests, I just recently bought the game and interested in the Barbarian class. I like the theme of the class itself, sort of like a you're locked in here with me vibe. Just can't decide on wether to choose Monk, Paladin or Fighter. I plan to duall wield while being accompanied by my companions. So I take it Berserker isn't a good way to go? Also, what should my attributes look like? Thanks in advance.
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