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  1. That information doesn't give me hope that game will be properly balanced. After all if you don't understand underlying mechanics, how you can properly adjust it?
  2. For 4 zeal it should not have any drawbacks... It's same situation as sacred immolation. Who created those abilities and for what purpose? If they wanted players to multi-class paladins so much, they could just say so.
  3. Wizards are still reasonably powerful, what irks me is massive loss of versatility and I really hate grimoire mechanics.
  4. Eh honestly they just should go all in with changes. Current ability model doesn't impress me very much. If it was to me I would divorce power levels from learning abilities and split those in four tiers.
  5. Both are bad. PoE 1 made casters gods at higher levels, but it at least give you choice because you get all spells eventually. So if spell was weaker or situational it wasn't problem, there was no opportunity cost in learning it. Resting restriction was purely illusionary so this was not limitation. In PoE 2 however spell-casters are in weird place halfway in between, with per level and per encounter cast. If you add to this that you need to chose you spells there is little variation here, you take only strongest ones. They should go with full change here, all vancian spell-casters should get they own resource pool and ability tree similar to other classes with upgrades and more passives.
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