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  1. as the mage combat goes i think you people are arguing pointlessly, the low level spells meant to be a spell that do not waste your energy, as i see it casting MM is wasting, casting choke is not that of a waste, but it's not as harmful, casting Fire Ball can exhaust the caster as it consumes a lot of energy to do etc. I back this project regardless of the spell system or combat ability, i back it cause it's an RPG and you do not always need to fight to win, you can approach events in several ways, and still get a rearward for it, that's what attracts me, and not pointless fighting. as fo
  2. i rather meet NPC adventurers in the game world and deside to add them to the group or not, or at the same level to desmis them, and add another NPC that better suits my party needs, or aligment line, and if i have a player house i would rather invite several of the NPCs there, thought i my self see no sence in doing so as it's an open RPG world and like Baulder Gate you meet several NPC along the road a few you constantly keep in the group and many you simply don't care about.
  3. wow people there are players from all over the world. Limited choises there
  4. i would love to see Moding tools if posible this can make this game live longer then the campaing....
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