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  1. On 6/14/2021 at 7:56 PM, thelee said:

    all i can say is that something *has* to have been changing, condition-wise - stats or PL or some such. I know there can be some oddities with trying to queue up an empowered ability when you already have an ability in the process of being used*, but otherwise i don't know what else would cause such a change.

    maybe it benefits from sneak attack bonus dmg? blinded ends-dot dmg drops ? wild gues, I never tried to do reaserch why rouge dots dmg fluctuate

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  2. 22 minutes ago, dgray62 said:

    Yes, I agree. But it seems that in the unmodded game one of the primary weaknesses of the rogue is the inability to renew any resources. But there's always the SoF cheese to make up for this! You might want to check out the Balancing Polishing mod, however. It tweaks Wall of Flashing Steel to give you a chance to restore guile, which seems like a nice boost for SC rogues.

    but if you rest during run you can have 14+7(empower)+2(sacrifice from marux amanth)+15(85 sec of brilliant from wit of death herald) = 38 guile, thats over 2 minutes of invis, assassin can do alot of dmg during that time, especially with max arcana/scrolls on some harder, non resetable encounters

  3. On 2/16/2021 at 6:11 PM, abot said:

    I'd like to start a list of useful items primary for no priest subclass/no pure wizard builds using item switching to prolong beneficial effect duration out of combat ( strand of favor, cabalist's gambeson arcane extension, ooblit pet...), please add to the list if you find relevant missing things

    serpent strike (+10acc) from serpent crown

  4. 4 hours ago, abot said:

    Hmm ok so do we agree that going to sandsweep/dorudugan island (I mean, you don't need sandsweep at all when you are ready for dorudugan, even more time spared) is better done only when you have a fast ship (regardless if you try port maje->sandsweep or port maje->dunnage->sandwseep, both are not optimal in the long run with eothas challenge/ultimate challenge, first one being better than second one but still not optimal)?


    11 hours ago, Raven Darkholme said:

    In my Ultimate run I went to Fire Dragon after Hasongo and reached level 16 in Neketaka without doing any fighting.

    If you play a class that can cheese the fire dragon that's by far the fastest route with least ingame days spent.

    it's off topic but it looks like grabbing easy xp (smth like 5k, thats what i did) in sandswept straight out of Maje is beneficial in long run on eothas challenge 

    i've did a quick check on vods (bm/skaen for me) and

    Vic reacheas Ashen Maw on 1st Late Spring (lv 9)

    abot on 5th ( he is lv 16 which he gets around 1st Late Spring from what i can gather and giant grub is dead)

    mine bm/skaen on 2nd (lv 16 maybe day earlier and already killed Concelhaut)

    but i suspect Vic path has more potential for improvment (didn't see it all yet)

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  5.  it was not only me who found about strand of favor cheese, i saw one other player doing it on twitch before i finished and post  the run and chat with other one who was  trying to do ultimate with assassin with that trick but was behind me in terms of progres( i was almost done if i remember correctly)

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  6. From my experience  i am almost 100% sure something change with the last patch (es?). Pre "Ultimate" having hylea food+ adra potion to stack( but only +skill part) was always matter of  F5/F8 for me but when i started toying with with ultimate runs i was having decent fail rate. I'll tried to dig into it but couldn't figure was what the trigger. On the different runs that were almost mirrors( difference of 2-3 h ingame time, minutes of real time with the exact same pathing and quest order) it was stacking sometimes just after drinking adra potion or after save/reload, or changing zone with/without save/reload cycle or not at all. On top of that i remember that in the past it was possible to stack "good food, better friends" with food but from my limited exp it's not possible anymore. Is it still possible to stack multiple foods?

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  7. 1 hour ago, Raven Darkholme said:

    Thing is for Ultimate its not just about the class/build anymore, anything is super op with strand of favour, you're most likely to die to a slight oversight, so it's all about grinding that practice secondary char.

    if you can somehow figure how to grab gipon prudensco you can mitigate a lot of deflection/reflex targeting dmg, "no fool,i" stacks with itself when triggered out of combat ( like with missile gloves), 

    ps. we need "cheese" thread...

    edit. this is cheese thread 🤦‍♂️, thought i am in "ultimate" thread



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