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  1. Rauatai! Chinese-like gunpowder users with spies everywhere, storms and harsh living conditions, I'd love it!
  2. Dude, Naasitaq is at the extreme South of Deadfire Archipelago... https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Naasitaq
  3. Still, it's weird we don't know anything about this DLC, less than a month before release. Nothing about level cap. Nothing about location (fingers crossed for Naasitaq) Nothing about new skills or classes. Nothing about new companions/ships/factions. Nothing about release date. No anticipation, no excitement. That feels weird. Was it the same thing when WM1&2 were released? Feels like there is not much to talk about, nobody is exciting or anything...
  4. Neither. Please stop with pirates and go with something new. Ixamitl Plains with African-Inca stuff, or Rauatai with ancient China gunpowder fantasy stuff for example. But please, no more islands. Please.
  5. This site predicts July 31st. Do you think it is right and have informations we don't, or is it just a safe prediction ("not later than this")? https://www.gamepressure.com/games/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-beast-of-winter/z652f9
  6. RDC for me. Their ending is the best for me, as they disregard individuals for the greater good. What are a few assassinations if it brings progress (hate the Huana caste system), safety (bye bye dirty pirates) and freedom (bye bye evil slavers). After joining them, ending slides were like: And all of this, just by That is just good politics.
  7. I noticed the bounty guy for Huanas, Barati, disappears after I decided to go all the way with Royal Deadfire Company. I am not sure this is a normal thing, as the bounty girl for Vailians is still near the building . Also the one for pirates is still at Dunnage dock, even though I slaughtered Aeldys and Two-Eyed Pym. Also, when I entered the floor he was supposed to be, I was attacked by the Huana elite guards I dodged by using stealth Is there a way this can be fixed?
  8. I just tried again (selected option 2 when the text appears), against a ship of Fire giants. This immediately ended the fight, but ALSO made the ennemy ship disappear this time. Is there a way to fix this please?
  9. Hello, English is not my native language so I hope I can explain this issue properly. In my last run I played with RDC and obtained the submarine. During naval battles, when I try to choose the second text option (charge and board ennemy vessel immediately, in exchange of heavy damages), this ends immediately the textual event and returns to the game screen (the same way as if I chose to dive and flee the battle, without the moral loss). Is there a way this can be adressed? Thanks!
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