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  1. Ok I'm really tired... No matter what i did Pallegina or Maia leave me . Tried : Principi route Pallegina left ( I didn't start other faction quest line) Principi route started VTC (choosed a leader but dont start the blow up thing) Pallegina left Huana route but kill RDC leader not blow up anything Pallegina left Huana route but blow up the thing Maia left VTC route Maia left ...... at least the Principi way need to be working ... I Don't understand Pallegina why left me ... Always stand up for Trading company I didn't do anything againts them . Someone has any idea?
  2. Agree with every word When I realized Edér isnt a romance I was very surprised.. He follow me to end of the world and the bottom of the hell not just now... in the first game too . And at least I havent the option to romance him? This isn't logic for me... maybe I'm just an other fangirl I admit that .. *sigh* just If he can axplain after some flirt I dont know he love other woman or dont like my hair.. :D but this isnt tha case he just not deal with it.. :/ Your old friends are not want you exept Aloth... they made all character bisex and avaible exept the most wanted ones.. :D Hope Obsidian will consider to change that ..
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