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  1. Seems like AI scripting is messed up also in beta patch,.
  2. But when you click the X on top of Party Management window and click save it works... Crashes every time I click accept though.
  3. I agree with some things you said. But those women leaders are largely overshadowed by the male kings still. Would be funny if there was a unique "Princess in Distress" styled women who was a chanter, but has unique "Help Me!" chants that summon her soldiers to protect her instead of skeletons and such.
  4. As with my previous post. The duration of ailments is a nice addition to what I previously proposed and could work very will within the existing game engine.
  5. The game would need to be restructured a bit for the resting mechanic to work out. For now you can rest pretty much infinitely with zero repercussions other than losing some food. Resting should allow you to eat more food, but it doesn't rid 100% of all ailments and only restores fractions of your abilities. Resting in dangerous areas should have a chance of you getting ambushed. Maybe make it that you need to rest 3 times to fully recover all ailments or make resting have like 35% chance of healing one debilitation out of many you can get, and 30% chance to regain 1 empower charges. Make events that can interrupt resting like stray animals messing with you or getting ganged by wolfs, bandits, assassins, treasure seekers, or simply soldiers who want to loot you, etc. Make some companions events that can reduce the effectiveness of resting. Like if Aloth's awaken soul takes over him when he is sleeping and she messes around, or if your broken wrist made it difficult to rest without ale. Maybe have areas regenerate some (not all) monsters or NPCs as time passes. The NPCs generated doesn't need to be same ones that was native to the area. It could be troops sent there to check who murdered everyone, looting bandits or mercenaries, scavenging carnivorous animals, or spirits from those slaughtered.
  6. Like if my party member is a very beautiful women she can make some merchants give her discount or have more favorable options with males or lesbians in general. Likewise with the Watcher. Maybe ugly has bad options in dialogue and some interactions, but it repulses combatants making them aim worse or you smell bad etc. You can be ugly or beautiful depending on culture or race of people you talk to. Beauty can also just be female trait as it matter a lot more for them in most cultures, but with that you can also make them have less athletics, HP, or attack power etc to balance it out. Renown can work like how people know who you are. High renown will make you unable to lie very well as people know you, but low renown allows you to bluff and lie better. We already have reputation so renown can't really do much to change interaction with factions, but it can allow you to gain favor or disfavor with random people. Like if you are known murderer etc people will not talk to you and police will try to capture or kill you. There might be better ways to implement these ideas, or do you guys think it is bad to add this? Since I am about 5 hours into the game this system might already been added and I just do not know. If so, please tell me.
  7. So I noticed that the ships have maximums it can hold of each supplies, but I have simply been buying 200 of each supply so I wouldn't have to manually change the number believing I wouldn't get charged for overstocking the ship. So I tested it out with full stock and the merchant will still take my money.... Why is this allowed? This is ridiculous. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am only about 4 hours into the game so the supplies might be held somewhere I don't know. Other than that its really frustrating me. Makes me want to quit.
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