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  1. Oh my god i was waiting for this, and we got a Free DLC as well, thank you Obsidian, time for my first playthrough!
  2. They said this today "For the mod community, we will be releasing documentation on the game data formats, and will be working on tools to help facilitate mods." So i think you can expect more stuff for sure this time around, i mean we already have more mods than PoE 1.
  3. I know i am friend, i noticed that as i get older i tend to do this more and more, i only play around in the very early parts of the game to try stuff out and then stop to wait for the first large patch.
  4. Awesome stuff, i will hold off on my playthrough until the next patch rolls out i think, i'm too OCD to "ruin" my blind path of the damned playthrough
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