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  1. I would really, really appreciate anyone who could give the watercolor/crop treatment to these portraits. I like my sexy looking Pale Elf males. Especially the second one.
  2. So, for races, I'm stuck between Human for aesthetics and Pale Elf for armor. Because there's more human portraits that look unique and varied than Pale Elf ones.
  3. Vanilla rogue is not worth taking, vanilla rogue is not worth taking, vanilla rogue is not worth taking. Important things need to be repeated 3 times Imo old trickster is fine as a subclass, but many players complain it's so bad that they overtuned it. Now there is no reason take vanilla rogue because who cares the 10% damage difference? You get so many awesome spell-like abilities blah, bad design imo. Same as Biting Whip VS Draining Whip, it's 10% flat damage bonus trade with significant focus growth. Anyone who has some game knowledge will know which to pick, I think Obs has a very weird attitude toward damage bonus, on one hand they make some ability purely bad, like fighter weapon specialization and weapon master, which makes me think they overvalue damage bonus. But, on other hand, they give streetfighter +50% damage bonus when bloodied or flank. Do they know how many weapon master that worth? The bonus worths 10 Weapon master or 5 Weapon specialization... Street fighter is the only one I feel is super overtuned. Trickster has lots of spells, but they have a cost and some aren't that great, like Confusion.
  4. My thought process on it is that, for old Trickster where you only got new spells every few PLs, it wasn't worth taking. But now, it's a matter of 50% compared to 60% (Or, with Deathblows, 100% compared to 110%) and then you take into account other bonuses like from Crippling Strike (25%), lash damage (Which is calculated after everything else), and I don't think you'd feel the difference much. The dual-wield nerf IS significant, but it turns a fantastic class into a great class, imo. If people got bent out of shape over every possible nerf, they'd never play the game. I'm still a little undecided about race, and ultimately it comes down to aesthetics. I just haven't found as many good custom Pale Elf portraits that fit the kind of character I'm wanting to play, as compared to Humans, but I know that Bloodied synergy is something I'm not building around.
  5. Nice, thanks. Will... probably stick with human, because simply put, I am not a fan of Aumaua customization.
  6. The best unique Priest of Wael interaction happens in the scripted interaction when you sail through the reef near Motare o Kozi. Also entertaining: when you use Minor Intercession to get rid of plague aboard your ship. Huh, neat. So I guess the different gods have different reactions when you use Minor Intercession in that case? Except Eothas, one guesses.
  7. I'm almost tempted to go with Loki 'cause it kinda fits the Mindstalker aesthetic. Edit: Loki grants +15% AoE range. I'm not sure if that would affect Ryngrim's Enervating Terror, which is the biggest thing that I'd want to use it for since the range on that seems pretty small, even with close to 20 Int. He also grants a Stride boost to the whole party, but that's relatively irrelevant. This is in comparison to Abraham, who more or less eliminates the DoC Breastplate's Recovery penalty, as well as the Recovery penalty for Gipon Prudensco, which is my secondary armor for this guy both in terms of looks and enchantments.
  8. Hey guys, First time attempting BoW, and I was wondering about whether or not being a pale elf myself is necessary for getting the most out of the DLC, or if Ydwin can serve as a sort of cultural ambassador, and fill me in on the relevant information that my puny human lizard brain would have missed.
  9. Do you know the chance rate of the passive? Aww, it's a CHANCE for a whole of 5 Focus? Damn Obsidian... They really like their chances.... ... I'm very sorry. Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna pass if that's the case. Five focus really ain't worth it.
  10. Thanks for the advice, and for not telling me I'm dumb for picking this (Some people have)... Addressing your points; 1. I knooow. I felt so dumb, realizing I'd done that. I dropped Blinding Strike for it. 2. I'll drop Greater Focus for Mental Binding - it comes late, but then better late than never, I suppose. When picking GF and KM, I was concerned with the maximum amount of focus I could get, for better Soul Annihilations. 3. Tenuous Grasp instead of Iron Will, maybe? +15 Will is good, but since I'm not dumping Resolve it might be kind of moot. 4. Will definitely reconsider the ring choice. Maybe Ring of Greater Regeneration, as suggested, or the Ring of Prosperity's Fortune for extra hit-to-crit. 5. Will drop Disintegrate for Mind Plague, especially if I go with the aforementioned Cipher tweaks mod, because it makes Mind Plague a 0.5 second cast.
  11. 'Doy. I didn't even realize... I guess I figured "I'll put it in later," and then never did. Ah damn, so I just got home and patched 2.1. Looks like they did something with SA and i'm even seeing some missing string stuff. I'm thinking that the issues that had essence interrupter spawning units weirdly could have been related with the whole SA deal. Grave Calling still functions normally though and you still get focus from chillfog procs. Continue on and build this like any rounded rogue class. So Soul Annihilation is completely broken now? Greeeeat. Hopefully they fix it before SSS comes out. Edit: Or, well, the interaction between it and Grave Calling that spawned Chill Fog on kill against non-vessels is broken, I mean. Which... I don't think broke the really cool on-death effect where enemies froze and shattered, which is cool. I think it's an on-crit thing for being killed with a frost lash. Which is good! I liked that. The damage is still more or less the same? ... You know, I was playing with 2.1 installed anyway, so I probably didn't even have it to begin with... What do you mean by "Missing Stringtables"? I've seen those a few times with other stuff (Most especially the Ring of Prosperity's Fortune) and I can't stand them.
  12. ... Okay, that has to be a bug. Maybe because you're annihilating their soul?I do not doubt it might be changed at some point. :0 I do like to think that it just razes their soul so hard to basic components that it just finds a way to do its magical deal lol. Honestly, it's a neat little bug... And I don't think it's /that/ overpowered. We can just say narratively that you're essentially pulling a VERY rough Ydwin. Also, thoughts on race? It's a toss-up for me between Pale Elf (Nice armor bonus and some dialogue interactions) and Human. Is it possible to make a human-ish looking Pale Elf? Like a half-elf?
  13. Oh, and is that why I was getting the effect on kill where the enemies would freeze and then shatter? Because that's a really cool effect, and I'd hate for it to be patched out.
  14. Hey guys! So, after doing a bit of experimenting with different Cipher builds, I've come up with an idea for a Mindstalker melee DPS that I want to try out on PotD (MAYBE with Deadly Deadfire installed and 1TTFFSSE's "Better Cipher" mod). I ran a bunch of tests with different builds, and this one offered the best blend of survivability and damage (Albeit single-target rather than AoE like the Ascendant single class or Transcendent). I'd like to share my rough notes so far and get feedback on stats, abilities, and equipment. I tried to take staple Cipher spells that work well in melee, with (fairly) low casting times. Race: Pale Elf - For both aesthetics, naming conventions, and the Burn/Frost armor resist. Class: Soul Blade/Trickster Culture/Background: Old Vallia - Aristocrat Attributes: 17 Might (13 Base + 1 Gift of the Machine +2 Berath's Blessing +1 Permanent Stat Boost) 10 Con (8 Base +2 Berath's Blessing) 17 Dexterity (12 Base +1 Chameleon's Touch +1 Pale Elf +2 Berath's Blessing +1 Aegor's Swift Touch) 20 Perception (16 Base +1 Pale Elf +2 Berath's Blessing +1 Chameleon's Touch) 21 Intellect (18 Base +2 Berath's Blessing +1 Old Vallia) 10 Resolve (8 Base +2 Berath's Blessing) Abilities: Note: I don't remember the exact order you get all of the Trickster stuff, and the Wiki hasn't been updated properly. So, it's accounted for. It's just not 'here.' Level 1: (a) Soul Annihilation/Escape/Whispers of Treason Level 2: Crippling Strike Level 3: Iron Will Level 4: Two-Weapon Style/Draining Whip Level 5: Dirty Fighting Level 6: Recall Agony Level 7: Secret Horrors/Riposte Level 8: Finishing Blow Level 9: Hammering Thoughts Level 10: Persistent Distraction/Greater Focus Level 11: Body Attunement Level 12: Combat Focus Level 13: Borrowed Instinct/Deep Wounds Level 14: Devastating Blow Level 15: Ringleader Level 16: The Empty Soul/Slippery Mind* Level 17: Disintegrate Level 18: Keen Mind Level 19: Echoing Horror/Deathblows Level 20: Ancestor's Memory Not sure about Greater Focus and Keen Mind for a Soulblade and how much they really matter, if at all. I might take Tactical Meld for extra damage/engagements as opposed to Keen Mind if those traits are worthless. Equipment: Weapons - A couple of different ways to take this. For the melee set, Grave Calling and Rust's Poignard seem like a really good pairing - a hard hitting MH weapon with a fast attacking OH weapon for Finishing Blows and Crippling/Blinding Strikes. Also consider an opener set with Kitchen Stove/Thundercrack Pistol to quickly pump Focus for debuffing/SA. Armor - Devil of Caroc BP for extra Guile. Alternatively, GP for immunity to either Disengagement attacks (But not Engagement) or Flanked. Head - Fair Favor. Hit-to-Crit and bonus Crit damage with both melee weapons utilized. Neck - Precognition for extra crit damage on the first few attacks, and reduced crit damage on the first few attacks taken. Otherwise, not sure. I've also considered just going with the +2 Intellect generic necklace. Ring 1 - Chameleon's Touch. Very good MC ring, +1/+1 to two attributes depending on class, and +1/+1 to two skills depending on class. Ring 2 - Entonia's Signet Ring. +2 Diplomacy and +2 to all non-Deflection defenses per enemy engaged. Great when paired with Tactical Meld if I can work it in to the build. Might consider substituting for something else though. Back - Cloak of Greater Deflection or Cloak of Greater Protection - Standard, really. Not sure if there are any other cloaks that synergize well with this character. Hands - Bracers of Greater Deflection OR Aegor's Swift Touch for a bit of extra Dexterity and Action Speed with weapons (+5%, so ~2 Dexterity in regards to that) Waist - Upright Captain's Belt, +1 Con and immunity to push/pull effects or Gwyn's Bridal Garter for resistance to Dexterity Afflictions (Leaning towards Gwyn's for more widespread applications) Boots: Boots of the Stone (+1 Dex/Res, Resistance to Might afflictions) and then upgrade to Rakhan Field Boots through the Vallian questline for +3 Corrode AR and a per-Encounter mini Charge (Pre-nerf) Disclaimer: When providing feedback, please keep the following in mind. I've experimented with a lot of different Cipher builds before getting to this point. This build, for me, offers the best combination of what I want in terms of DPS and survivability. It might not be the highest damage of all Cipher multiclasses, but it's definitely up there, even with the Full Attack dual wield nerf. There's a billion (Well, really 10 - or more like 7 since Priest, Wizard, and Druid are terrible MC options for a Cipher) different ways to run a Cipher multi, and I feel like they could be, and often are, all viable in the game's current state. This one just seems the most fun, even if it might not be the most varied. I'm also not going to min/max if I can help it. Stats will remain at 10 base, with Blessings, because playing as a timid, frail character is not fun for me from a roleplay sense. So don't just comment saying "Drop Resolve, you don't need it." Especially since this build is meant to engage enemies with Wizard defensive buffs. Do you have experience with a build like this? Great, your feedback is highly appreciated.
  15. Alright. So, after comparing both Mindstalker and Transcendent - while Transcendent excels in AoE damage, I like the focused single-target damage that the melee Mindstalker offers, with the defensiveness of the Trickster Rogue. I love love love all the goodies it offers.
  16. Huh, I've never had my monk summons use the death aoe ever when wearing effigy's husk. I need to test that again, something must have changed. :0 I dont see the problem with brilliance inspiration since you can cast it anytime without having to stagger it by going into ascendant mode. It's not like you suddenly become an SA devotee. I wish there was a way to boost the accuracy for Soul Annihilation outside of Borrowed Instinct.
  17. Hmm. I'll use Grave Calling. Scordeo's Edge I can't get since this is planned to be a pro-Vallian character. Though I suppose I could go pro-Principi too.
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