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  1. Hey guys, So after MUCH deliberation, I've decided to go with a Ravager (Berserker/Helwalker) as a melee DPS character for my PotD playthrough. I wanted to get some opinions on a starting stat spread for a Human. I lifted this from someone who responded to my Marauder thread, so credit goes to them! 19 Might (8 + 1 from Human) 16 Constitution (6) 12 Dexterity (1 + 1 from Deadfire Background) 10 Perception 10 Intellect 10 Resolve I have a few questions about this build... 1. How necessary are Perception, Intellect, and Resolve for dialogue checks? I should have no problem, using certain Monk abilities, with getting a respectable Intellect in combat, but I also know that Perception and Intellect, in particular, are necessary for a lot of scripted events/dialogue checks in the early game. Would I be able to get an enjoyable roleplay experience out of a character that's invested so heavily into Might? Is there gear I can get later that will bring those attributes up to snuff? I don't mind missing out on some things early on, because I've played through Port Maje something like four or five times already on different characters, so I know enough about what's going on there to not really need all of the additional information that those stat checks would offer. 2. What weapons should I use? I'm thinking of dual wielding battleaxes, or maybe swords/sabres. 3. What should I make each companion into? When I play a melee character, I typically make Eder into a Rogue, keep Xoti a Priest, Aloth a Wizard, and I'd probably make Pallegina a Herald. Serafen can stay a Cipher, but I'm not sure about Maia or the last one whose name I forget. The wereshark guy.
  2. Consider Berserker Helwalker. The play style will likely be very similar but I think you will ultimately get far more out of Helwalker than you will from Streetfighter. This is my character with all attribute buffing equipment removed and no buffs from other party members. First pic is before a fight, second pic is during with 10 Wounds stacked (which doesn't take long as the idea is to hardly spend them), Turning Wheel (modal), Frenzy, Swift Flurry and Enlightened Agony active. Before During That's +10 Might from Helwalker (Wounds), +5 Might from Frenzy, +5 Con from Frenzy, +5 Dex from Flurry, +10 Int from Turning Wheel, +2 Armour and + 2 Pen from Berserker's Frenzy Bonus and 50% Burn Damage added to melee weapons from Turning Wheel (though I think this last one is bugged, doesn't seem to get added for me). Confusion from Berserker's Frenzy gets immediately wiped by Enlightened Agony, although the lower version Clarity of Agony will also do the same thing. You won't get the +5 Int from Enlightened Agony even if you activate it twice, because it gets suppressed by the +10 from Turning Wheel. Switching the Turning Wheel modal to Iron Wheel is not really worth considering, as the Armour bonus (which is like 2.5 when you have max wounds) doesn't stack with the +2 you already get from Berserker's Frenzy bonus. You would suppress the +5 Con from Frenzy and upgrade to +10 Con from Iron Wheel, but you sacrifice the +10 Int & 50% Burn Damage (if it worked) from Turning Wheel. Turning Wheel's Int buff is far more valuable because the Int bonus keeps Frenzy and Flurry going 50% longer than they otherwise would, you get a huge Will buff and presumably it extends the Carnage area significantly, though that's hard to confirm. Ooh, that looks REALLY nice. Is Fire Godlike necessary for this, or could I play with another race if I wanted? Also, what do you use for weapons?
  3. Also, Warcaller seems like it could be a ton of fun too, honestly. I probably will go with that, because I can think of a lot of neat role play concepts for it...
  4. Thanks for the feedback so far! To address some of it, no I'm not looking for a solo build. I'm also not looking for a build that's too video gamey, so no Resolve at 3. Thinking about it, I definitely feel like I'd rather play a Fighter multiclass. I'm torn between Brute and Swashbuckler, as well as whatever a Fighter/Monk is called. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Hey guys, So... I've spent about 50 hours in this game just playing with different multiclass options, and I've had a lot of trouble finding one that I really liked. So, I wanted to share my experiences with you, as well as some that I've considered playing but haven't gotten around to yet, to get an idea of which would be most rewarding to stick with past level 10 or so. Build-wise, I'm leaning towards more of a tank role, since I played a ranged DPS in Pillars 1 and I want to try something a little different. 1. Bleak Walker/Fighter (Crusader): The ONLY real negative is having to stick within an RP role, and since the influence changes fixed a lot of the issues with how quickly you gain points, you can even afford to be a little less aggressive in situations that don't warrant it. I'd still probably play with reputation/qualifiers on though, just because the game can sometimes be a little vague about what it considers "Diplomatic." I've definitely played the farthest with this character and, while it can definitely be a little boring it still does pretty good damage and has a lot of survivability. 2. Berserker/Fighter (Brute): Supplements the squish-factor of the Barbarian with defensive buffs from the Fighter. Not a lot to say on the matter. I haven't played with this at all, but I've heard good things. Would probably be a lot squishier still. 3. Bleak Walker/Chanter (Herald. AKA, the OP): OKAY! So, I put this up here for posterity, even though I probably won't ever be playing it. Both classes work really well together thematically and mechanically, but I feel like it's really not worth the lack-of-fun that comes with resisting pretty much every damage type/CCing enemies/GIVING ALLIES THEIR CLASS RESOURCES BACK. I might consider this if it's genuinely fun to play, but other than that I'll pass. 4. Fighter/Chanter (Warcaller): Pretty much the same thing as the Paladin/Chanter. If it's fun to play, I'll consider giving it a shot. Otherwise, I don't want to play a class that just has to sit there and auto-attack. 5. Bleak Walker/Cipher (Inquisitor): Never played with this, but I've heard very mixed things about it. It seems like some of the Cipher skills would work really well here, but they also seem to have pretty long cast times. Soul Whip and Soul Annihilation provide decent damage upgrades, but it seems like you'd just be relying on Soul Annihilation a lot of the time. I'm worried about synergies though, the Cipher doesn't really offer anything that grants more accuracy like the Fighter does. To give you all an idea of what I'm looking for... 1. A class that tanks well. I haven't played a tank in one of these games thus far, so I like the idea of being up in the thick of things engaging enemies. 2. A class that can do more than just autoattack. I want to actually be encouraged to spend my class resources, and do more than just "Click on the enemy and wait for them to die." I don't need as many choices as Wizards and Ciphers get, so two or three reliable actions is more than enough for me, but I want a reason to be clicking around on my character's hotbar. 3. Decent roleplayability. I want a class that interacts well with the world of Pillars of Eternity 2. Roleplaying in these sorts of games is something that... well, I've honestly been hit or miss at. It's why I've been drawn to Paladin for the disposition requirements. Some might find that sort of thing limiting, but I honestly find the idea of having to follow a specific creed to be really engaging. To that end, I've been drawn toward Fighter, Cipher and Chanter as Multiclass options for Bleak Walker because I think they could both fit rather well. - Crusader: Definitely the most vanilla - someone who fully opts for the "Strike hard, strike fast, no mercy" approach by doubling down on their martial skills. A little bland, but a lot less... sadistic... then the other two. See below. - Inquisitor: Bleak Walker torturer who leaves his victims as gibbering piles of meat after extracting the information that they need to complete their mission. Definitely emphasizes the less pretty aspects of the Cipher class. The Inquisitor probes the target's mind with the grace and subtlety of a meat cleaver. - Herald: Sings the songs of previous Bleak Walker exploits, as well as essentially a funeral dirge for those poor fools unlucky enough to cross them. This character is definitely a lot more unhinged, leaning heavily towards the cruel aspect of aggressive/cruel. Breaking them down this way, I'm leaning heavily toward the Crusader, simply because I'd want to play a character that sees the violence they carry out as a necessary evil in order to prevent further violence. He's not going to go out of his way to mistreat every random citizen he comes into contact with, and is actually pretty cordial to most of his travelling companions. Do you all have any particularly strong opinions either way?
  6. Alternatively, I've also considered rolling a Brute for Constant Recovery/Other defensive buffs that might take the edge off of Frenzy's constant Raw damage somewhat. What are your thoughts on that?
  7. Hey guys, So I decided I wanted to bring in one of my old characters into Deadfire. I wanted to try out the Marauder multiclass option, because I feel like that best fits his character build in the campaign where I usually play him (He's a Barbarian, but the extra crit damage and recovery time when flanked and bloodied sound really cool). I was hoping for some pointers as to stat allocation for a build like this, keeping in mind that I'd prefer not to have a 'dump stat' if it all possible. I was thinking something like... Human (Meadowfolk) Aedyr Background Stats: 18 Might (17 + 1) 14 Constitution (14) 8 Dexterity 16 Perception 10 Intellect 11 Resolve (10 + 2) Weapons: Not sure - Either dual wield sabers or saber and shield. What do you guys think? I'm not going for the best damage here, just a build that'll do reasonably high damage in both single target and AoE situations. Also, I'd love to hear from people who've played this sort of character through the game. How did it work out for you? What are some must-have skills to pick at each level? Are there any Barbarian multiclasses you would recommend over this one? Thank you, and have a wonderful day.
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