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  1. Multiclassing a berserker/streetfighter and I was worried about Staggered possibly removing the Persistent Distraction debuff by interrupting engagement, but turns out the character just re-engages and Persistent Distraction is applied while the mob is still staggered. So there you go, another reason to choose Spirit over Blood.
  2. Planted bombs on Goercci street looters while stealthed, and the explosion unstealthed my character even though they had successfully sneaked away out of enemy line of sight. The looters were neutral (no red circles under them) until the bombs exploded if that matters. Reported this as a bug because it makes no sense to unstealth when the pickpocket has stayed in stealth the entire time, and have the whole map home in on him. If this mechanic is as intended, I guess this would be obsidian's solution for a potential flip side of this bug, where the bomb goes off and the enemies, rather tha
  3. I agree most cipher powers take too long to cast and are useless for a melee character, but you can't underestimate the usefulness of a Whisper of Treason for a cheap distraction, and Borrowed Instinct is a great buff that only takes .5 sec to cast. The passive concentration gain on kill for Soul Blades can also make your character an uninterruptable juggernaut by charging through the frontliners at the beginning of the fight to get focus + stack on-hit item enchants, buff with Borrowed Instinct/Body Attunement if necessary, and use this cheaply gotten focus to annihilate the squishy backline
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