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  1. My autosave made upon arriving at Ori o Koiki has been overwritten but here's me after poking around in stealth, and before talking to anyone on the island. I don't have any saves from before I cleared out Crookspur, I did all that maybe 20 or 30 hours of gameplay ago, and unfortunately I've only been keeping one manual save. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cg82bw3nx1gpcn9/Hassan+%28OrioKoiki%29+%2861b80152-d812-4563-816f-620834c20fb7%29+%28780142293%29.savegame
  2. Here's my save file if it needs to be examined. http://www.mediafire.com/file/h4cqm4d6xvaz6ji/Hassan%20%28OrioKoikiSanctum%29%20%2861b80152-d812-4563-816f-620834c20fb7%29%20%28780154180%29.savegame
  3. If the player kills the slavers in Crookspur and informs the Royal Deadfire Company of the vacancy before arriving on Ori o Koiki and accepting the "Cruel Cargo" quest from the Wahaki chieftain, when speaking to Ruasare for the first time, the player will be taken through the following exchange of dialogue. This presents an error in continuity, as the player had never made any promises to Ruasare, yet is accused of betraying their word, and will be told not to return to the island. I went through this conversation several times and having made my previous choices, there seems to be no way to a
  4. Missing punctuation in the journal entry for the "All Aboard" task
  5. Missing period on a dialogue option during a conversation on Gorecci Street.
  6. If the player rescues Oswald from the Oathbinder's Sanctum before talking to Kahn in Neketaka, when the player confronts Kahn, they will encounter a continuity error in the following dialogue. Kahn will immediately shout down the player for the debt Oswald owes, but later on the player can say "I found Oswald," to her, and Kahn will respond with "And? Where is he?" as if she didn't know Oswald was already traveling with me.
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