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  1. Maia's quest is still bugged if you botch her missives (letting the stalker alone) I'm still getting the bad ending of Por Maje
  2. Oh, ok! I didn't knew that, i supposed that you could get the difficulty decrease just by talking to Eruke. Guess i'll have to respec some characters to beat that 22 Intimidate check. Annoying, but doable. Thanks! Edit 06/11: I can confirm that, as a Seeker chosen, passing all the skill checks (Religion, Metaphysics, Diplomacy and Intimidate) you can resolve everything peacefully. I can't remember what i told Whehami after the 22 intimidate check, it was something on the line of reminding him what his duty his and he's not a proper slayer if he can't slay boredom. I don't know if EVERY skill check is necessary, since i've not tried selectively. How did you pass all the checks? I'm trying to respec all five characters and it's too much
  3. Just like that, I'm not getting tier convo with Aloth, I dont know if it is supposed to happen later or maybe it's bugged. The recent tier 2 convo I had was with Palle and she spoke to me without issues. Greetings edit. Just got Aloth tier 2 convo, it started something like "for the first time in a long time I feel very confident about what I'm doing" just in case its not his tier 2 convo XD after He waits in fire quest, straight up after finish talking with the council of faction leaders. Hope this helps others.
  4. necroing this thread to ask this. I'm doing all the quests I can and yeah it seam this quest was never finished like Wandering Stars quest, I cant find any info about those two quests...
  5. Fav Tekehu hands down. I love everything about him and thank you Obsidian for making a bi guy that shows attraction to other male npcs. Bioware should learn some... Ofc he's the least fav #toxicmasculinity lol
  6. Nothing, I'm glad I wasn't expecting much from POE2 romances. Not really surprised or disappointed by the lack of effort. And all the pandering is for profit - commercial companies don't work for charity and they'll do anything to get a customer. Pandering is such a homophobic excuse to show discomfort to LGBTQ people while sounding as delicated flower so please stop saying it. Media have been pandering straights people since dawn of time and still. Bi characters in this game are bisexual, and they are as realistic as bunch of straight characters in the party. Get over it.
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