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  1. Finished the game after about 94 hours. After all the "whatever happened to you & your companios etc." stuff ==> .......... No end credits as the game froze. The same way it froze, ev'rytime I chose "exit to desktop".
  2. Unity Console for PoE2??? ==> Because of this feature I - unfortunately - chose to take Nemnok as my pet. Arrrggghhh. Even more annoying than Concelhaut's skull...
  3. My laptop gets so damn hot that: 2 steel cooking pots with about 4 dl of ice cold water. One onto the numpad area, another in the middle. Plug my 2nd monitor & usb keyboard & mouse on to it and play the game (windowed / 2nd monitor). After about two hours, the water is like +50c and must be replaced, before "overheating - the fan can't take it !" & "crash! crash! crash!".
  4. My guess: Not a bug, more like ===> DX10.0 GPU trying to display DX11 stuff & failing to do so. My laptop's DX10.1 one (ATI Mobility Radeon HD "5145"), shows some things (effects / textures / whatever) as pink, even with "....\PillarsOfEternityII.exe" -force-d3d10
  5. Forgot to say that it worked for me too ! Thank you so much ! The urge to play was too strong I'll miss the achievements, though... Well, I've got 15 achievements ===> Cheat Engine 6.7 + DrummerIX's PoE2 table v5.5 ==> "Keep Achievements Enabled When Using Console Commands".
  6. There's your save in the beginning of Arena Sub-level. The same place I took the screen capture from. If that doesn't work, then = ?????. Unless it's about free RAM: I can drop my free RAM down to 3.4 / 4 Gb - simply by starting the game & when it's gets to the title screen, where you can load --> exit. Also on my laptop, when it used to froze there, the game was taking from 1.87 Gb <--> 2.05 Gb of RAM.
  7. Dual-core laptop & 4 Gb of DDR2 & Mobile DX10.1 GPU (512 Mb). Of course I start the game with" ....\PillarsOfEternityII.exe" -force-d3d10" as the game "requires" a DX11 compatible GPU with 1Gb of VRAM. Also, AMD legacy drivers (13.1) from like - 2013???. And I'm in Neketaka at the moment, after 22 hours. I tested your save and had no problems of getting to Arena Sub-Level, the same way I got there. (And Cheats / Restore = "Unity Console") One thing might be: Page files settings. I've got the "let windows (8.1 pro) handle it" setting at the moment. Same games really don't lik
  8. At last, I made it there. Just like in PoE1, areatransition saved the day. At least, when you try & fail & try & try again & again 'til it works. Press § (Ö on my nordic keyboard) / iroll20s I traveled to Port Maje's Gorecci Street. Well actually using this 'cause I'm lazy --> areatransition AR_0916_Port_Maje_Street North1 ZN_09_Port_Maje Then to Engwithan Digsite Sub-Level ---> areatransition AR_0912_Engwithan_Digsite_Sublevel West1 ZN_09_Port_Maje And don't ask me, why the level starts from the east side... Finished it & even got out of there without no fr
  9. This worked for me: Show Hidden files = On / Copy "...gamecomplete.savegame" from PoE's save folder to ---> C:\Users\MyName\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\CurrentGame
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