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  1. It’s been three months now and they still haven’t done anything. At this point I don’t think they care. :/
  2. David, do no apologize, this kind os things happens, the game is awesome, there could be some new stuffs and etc, but, you guys are working on it, that is something that some companies should do. Good luck for you guys ^^ Just one thing, there'll be an PoE3? hehehe Don't apologize? Dude, this is a game breaking bug that's preventing people from progressing. You HAVE to enter the digsite to move forward. Luckily, I was able to get around this once I upgraded my computer a bit, but the game's been out for a month now and it's still not fixed for a lot of people. That's ridiculous. Thank you guys for working on it but for the sake of everyone who's still stuck on Maje Island, please try to fix it ASAP. I remember how frustrated I was the whole two weeks I wasn't even able to touch the game because of this. I can't imagine how bad it's gotten for the people who are still waiting (if they even care at this point).
  3. I’m actually running a Fury/Shattered Pillar on PotD myself (currently level 13). After restarting so many times to find the character I wanted to play, this one is my favorite. I put in max PER, INT and high DEX while taking some (not all) away from CON and RES - MIG was left alone. With this combination you have a character that can function very well at any range - a backline caster or a second line fighter (not entirely great up front). You also have access to a bunch of different damage types, so you have an answer to pretty much everything. At the beginning of the game, I was primarily sticking to long ranged fighting: I used my monk side specifically for the self buffs, and switched to storm blight once I was out of spells. Typically the fights were over before or by the time I did all that. But when you get better gear, you can start being more flexible with what you can do during combat. But, what I’ve been doing now in fights is to start them off with Swift Strikes (with the flurry upgrade) and Dance of Death so I can generate wounds for the Dual modal for more INT. Then I use Nature’s Mark as an opener to all the appropriate nukes I’m gonna throw (I save my Lv III and V spells for the storms). Once that is done, I go ham with all my monk stuff. IMO, the Chromoprismatic Staff is a core item for this build (I didn’t have TOO much trouble getting this at level 10-11); you have powered up elemental druid spells, and can bash heads in with the staff itself with high metaphysics (which is even better with storm spells activated) once your spells are used up. I currently have The Long Pain which I plan on upgrading to the weapon version at 19 (which isn’t very much time to play around with it sadly) so I can stay in the back for as long as I want. But that’s just personal preference for me - you have to spend a good chunk of the game without it so if you got that far, you’re doing well enough without it. You can tweak around with subclasses and such, but overall I find the combo of the two very good. I’ve had a blast with it.
  4. Edit: oops, finger slipped. How did you lower the ram usage by so much? One of my RAM sticks died and I’m currently waiting for a replacement. The game can still run but it crashes at the first cave with Beowulf (decided to start over lol) when it didn’t before. I’d like to play a little bit more if possible before my new parts come in lol. And it’d be nice to not have to use cheats to enter the arena sub level again.
  5. Oh my god this works. It took me two tries though but it worked. Hopefully I don’t crash this time. And if I do, hopefully I can get back in. Thanks dude! It should also be noted that graphic settings don’t matter either. At least, when MSAA is at 1
  6. I’m gonna give this a shot. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll give the above a try to at least experience a bit more of the game.
  7. Yeah, this issue, and Arena Sub-level issue in the Engwithan Digsite. I haven't touched the game at all since launch day, and I'm a little upset since I have the downtime to actually play this. D:
  8. My game crashed while I was in there and I haven’t been able to get back in since lol.
  9. I made a post on this not realizing this topic was already made. But to add to this: it’s only the Arena Sub-Level that is giving us problems (although I fear this problem may reoccur somewhere else. We just don’t know because we can’t get any further). I have to ctrl+alt+delete to get myself out of the black screen. Luckily that’s an option for me considering people have to hard reset their computers instead. I really hope this gets fixed soon. I haven’t really been able to play since launch day because of this. :/
  10. When I try to go into the Arena Sub-level, the game will try to load it, but then I'm met with a black screen with nothing but the cursor and music playing (which also eventually stops). I have tried everything to get this to work - I've verified the file integrity (twice), uninstalled and reinstalled (twice), updated my graphics card drivers, run this on a lower resolution, etc. Nothing has worked and I can't advance this game any further because of it. The game was working perfectly fine up until this point (some minor annoyances with performance, but overall, nothing game breaking for me). Here's my output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1afjid584ynhnn/output_log.txt?dl=0 Thank you!
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