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  1. First of all are you paying for it? Are you helping it in any way? I know you are not doing any of the above. So what make you able to complane about something that you have put nothing into. And you asked how long I am willing to wait AS LONG AS IT TAKES.
  2. Man get your head out of your @$$. Most of the stuff IS on the cd they are just putting it in the right places in the game and working out the bugs. If you read there forum you would know that. Also it was not a real ending you NEED to fill in all the blanks, K2 has a lot left, this mod says they have a Real ending. They are also fixing the droid factory and show some respect to the guy's that are doing this FOR FREE and on their own free time.
  3. I'm not frustrated I am actually happy the more bugs they fix the less we have to deal with. Keep up the GREAT WORK TSLRP.
  4. Back to 25 lol. They are sure geting alot of work done. They went to 29 and went back to 25 in one day.
  5. Are you looking for the preview??????? It is on their website under progress reports, Click on WIP 17 :July 2nd. They have done vid on the past 4.
  6. Umm George Lucas was not going to have Ewoks he was going to use Wookies, but when Chewbacca was the co pilot in episode 4 he thought that he established Wookies were technologically advanced. So he created the Ewoks because they were primitive. He loved the motif that something primitive could take down the most technologically advanced Empire. (That we know of, we have to wait for KOTOR 3 to find out) So were can we find so Wookiee slaves to help TSLRP. lol. My source is the commentary in episode 6.
  7. That is great but the ones from 06 and 05 are still there.
  8. 39 left a new all time low Sorry Xard still 3 minors :sad:
  9. Max I got was 31 (I was only 200XP from 32) with no cheats and it took about 28 hours gameplay. With cheats it took about 10 seconds. lol
  10. IT IS AT 45!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that only 45 to go.
  11. Back to 49 at least they only have 3 minors till a build change. Keep up the good work.
  12. They are now tracking 805 instead of 804. But now there are only 76 left.
  13. You could just... 1. Click Start Menu 2. Click Run 3. Type DXDIAG and press enter 4. Click ok at the message that says this might crash your computer (it never has crashed mine) The first page says the date, time, ect.... Look at where it says Processor write that on a peice of paper. Them look at memory ( the next one down) write that down. Near the top there is a bar That says System, DirectX Files, Display, Sound, ect... 5. Click display The first thing you should see is the name of your video card Now tell us that info and we might be able to help you.
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