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  1. That would be real nice. I accidentally overwrote my save games while in Sun in Shadow, so it looks like my old party won't be seeing the expansion. Kind of a shame. Would be fantastic if there were some kind of fix for this.
  2. Because this is not a book. I'm sick of railroaded stories in videogames. If Project Eternity is going to be like that then the developers should warn us. At least I would stop worrying about this game and I'd look somewhere else for a real role playing experience. Since this is an RPG I want to be in charge of what my character does and feels. I want to be able to decide if a love story fits the character I'm playing or not, exactly like I want to be able to decide if I'm good or bad, chaotic or lawful, altruistic or individualist etc. Let's say that in the beginning of the story my cha
  3. If immersion is in point, then a good plot beats poorly integrated romance options any day. Companies that do include gay romance options normally don't do it out of a moral impetus, but because there is money in doing it. Which is prefectly fine and legitimate. The real issue, which is pretty evident when looking e.g. at gay romance options in Bioware games, is that these companies at the same time go to great lengths to "protect" the straight player by ringfencing the romance option from the rest of the game. After all, straight players shouldn't feel like they are missing out on somethi
  4. Some trolls aside, I don't think many people would make the argument that romance options should be straight-only. What people rightfully oppose is the Bioware approach of "spreading the love equally", which leads to romance becoming a minigame with very limited real implications for the game's plot. If it is included at all, romance should serve the plot and not be a game apart from the real game. This is not an issue of entitlement, but an issue of the work's integrity - just like noone's entitled to a gay version of John Milius' Conan the Barbarian, or to an alcohol- and drug-free versi
  5. I do not quite know why PnP role playing necessarily calls for stricter game mechanics. My experience is that the main issue both in PnP and in computer games which necessitates rules is not world simulation (i.e. interaction between the players and the GM) - rather, it is interaction between players. That is why one-on-one PnP campaigns tend to be very relaxed when it comes to rules: it is usually both in the GM's and in the player's interest to get on with the story (and the player will not have to show off his character's mad skillz to anyone but the guy who actually controls the story). Si
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