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  1. News had dried up about a console release, is Deadfire still coming to the Switch?!
  2. Doesn't work for me(( Ok, I had all the ticks off in the graphic settings. So not just Vsync, but unticked every box. Set the MSAA to four and it'll change the graphics box to a line rather than low etc. Took a little bit of load time but then went through, changed the settings back to normal to explore, then off again once I exited. I'm a little ways in now and haven't had the problem occur again.
  3. FIXED. Turned graphics to lowest, VSync off and set MSAA samples to four. Worked fine.
  4. Yep same issue. Everything else working fine. Only this area and can't find a work around. Already running on lowest settings. Running on a Mac. Game breaking bug!
  5. Went with my Watcher as a Cipher (soul blade) and Barbarian. Kind of wished I'd looked up the companion classes now as there's one with this exact combo. May restart with a Cipher/Druid. Could be fun and didn't use a Druid in PoE. Interesting to hear where everyone is up to though.
  6. Other people with iMacs have also experienced this, and their computers are newer. Yes, I see now. Two people mention issues with the 2015 iMac. I don’t know if it’ll help devs fix what is wrong but everything is fully functional on my mid-2011 iMac. I’ve a newer model as well and a brand new MacBook Pro so will try on them and report back.
  7. Hi all signed up just for this. But my game is running fine on a mid-2011 iMac. I'm past the first initial act, character customisation etc. Perhaps there's an issue with MacBook Pros?
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