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  1. I wasn't too happy with how those Aumaua turned out, so I redid him. Island: Coastal: Based fairly closely on these two:
  2. Thanks, Frak! Certainly! I've done a few to try out different color schemes. I hope something here works for you. 1: 2: 3:
  3. I made these tonight and wanted to share. Dwarven/Human male: Aumaua male: Dwarven/Human female: Human male: Dwarven female: Still need to do watercolors at some point, but these might be decent for recruits.
  4. I made another Watcher/Adventurer portrait. Did some work in Photoshop to get the painterly feel more in line with the Deadfire style of vanilla portraits as the artist's original piece is a bit more detailed than I needed. Seems to fit the male haircut and beard options fairly well. Source is from here: https://suzanne-helmigh.deviantart.com/art/Rotgar-portrait-632065300
  5. Very grateful for the Intro Skip and Use Consumable in the behavior conditionals. Thank you, team!
  6. I made a decent bearded pirate from this source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xox9O
  7. Yep! Disable the Steam Overlay in the Steam Settings and it'll fix this issue. I came here looking for a fix because I was having the same problem - thanks guys!
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