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  1. So at various points on maps I've had issues with getting my party to actually move to the location I've clicked and other times they move to a location but no longer can move out of it. I've encountered in a variety of areas in the limited time I've actually played including: The Dark cupboard, Kahanga Palace, and almost all locations in Port Maje (Especially the flooded streets). I was able to reproduce it when ever I entered an effected location. However after restarting the game from a save within 'The Dark cupboard' the collision/pathfinding seemed to be working again...
  2. It seems like the flag is getting set (at least if the history is made manually) as Eder has a necklace that mentions him becoming Mayor however the conversation attached to it seems to be the bugged part as it remains as if the player never completed his quest.
  3. So in order to avoid the bugs regarding Vela and Eder I created a history rather than importing (After first starting with an import) however Eder now mentions going home to see his family rather than becoming mayor. Just wondering if this is in fact intended or also a bug (since its not mentioned that it can be fixed with creating a history, unlike Vela) as want to get to playing as soon as possible but also worried about potential outcomes caused by this seemingly changed history.
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