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  1. Glad to hear that, if yesterday im sure to play PoE1 before PoE2 with your "fast" review its more clear. Thanks bro!
  2. An absolute 100% run isn't possible lest you edit the files to allow faction cross-over, since there's one quest per faction that can only be completed following that faction (at least, this is the case to the best of my understanding). But this sort of cross-over is pretty minimal, and you can still complete about 97% of the game's content in a single playthrough otherwise. Is there a class with more possible quest than others? Or all classes have same % of quest possible? What is (in your opinion) best class to play, I think that maybe some "class quest" are more interesting (or funny?) than others no?
  3. I read about perfect team companions and very powerfull builds. I don't want to play in highgest difficulty and do perfect game, but I want to have best experience (dialogs, secondary things etc). Is best to play game with that kind of parties, or is best option to play with default companions and simply play de game? Thanks!
  4. The good side of doing this is that Deadfire will probably have had at least one set of bug hotfixes by the time you get to it. By the way, definitely get the White March expansions. They really are great. Yeah, i took definitve edition on steam, so i have all expansions xD. Thanks guys for your advices!
  5. Ok guys i think that there's no reason to play PoE2 first, and it seems that all of you match that PoE1 is better option to start. So i will play PoE1 first. Thanks a lot guys!
  6. I play only first minutes of PoE1 and is an awesome game. But i have a little hype with PoE2 and i don't know if is better to play PoE first (what can take me 2 months or more) or directly play PoE2 and play PoE1 later. What are you point of view? Thanks!
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