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  1. Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, 1366*768 1) The companions' status would display downward which makes player can't see the content. But not all of companions' status would display like this way. 2) The destination icon still appears when you call out the boat page in the World Map.
  2. And even you checked the disable news option, this pop-up window still appears when you start-up the game. But if you click the pack up button, it will shows you a appear animation. I think with the option the news should be packed up, and the button thinks so too. However the news still appear, that's why you need to click the button twice to pack up the news. The first click for the button is open the news.
  3. The in-game character's appearance edit window is too large, which cause user can't find a confirm button to save the change.
  4. Well I just want to know.... the appearance edit window become too large is a bug or something? I can't find the confirm button to save me change.
  5. Tekehu has not individual quest, so try to figure out which way he go can leads a more reassuring ending. Base my Give Back the Human to Human belief, I always makes him to choose his own way, let him sow his wild oats. Until I read this post, considering the relationship between ability and responsibility.
  6. It is a bit late for see this when the adventure is almost over. Let's start 3rd turn adventure to meet this sidekicks.
  7. It is on the ship menu, the weird icon under your portrait. No stars is unskilled, one star is novice, two stars is journeyman, three stars is expert, four stars is master, four stars with a large center star is legendary, and at least for captains there is a sixth rank that is a large blue star with five small green stars. Let's call it Legendary Master Captain for now . Oh I finally know what meaning about that symbol. Help me a lot and thank you.
  8. Ydwin's story seems like stop in half way. So I think she is most likely to be a full companion. But honestly, when I first meet her avatar, the desire to see her full story and make her as my partner has grow fast and fast.
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