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  1. I am going to assume you have yet to do any of the fights I specifically referred to as there is no pulling, corners etc. Its just you and them in a round arena you teleport into with them starting agro'd.
  2. Is it me or are some of these fights simply outrageously difficult just from the design standpoint, let alone the enemies? So far numerous fights have had insane groups of enemies that swarm your backlines, teleporting in some cases, and just decimate your casters/ranged. Let alone I am level 18 (so overleveled though with level up scaling) and have basically the best gear, only my party makeup (the surviving characters from a pure bad stuff occurred run) is a problem. For example the Inquisitor Trial fights have literally 18 enemies, of which 4 are spell casters, a few are ciphers, and the
  3. I wouldn't even say its a boss and is instead the fight just before the initial crypt entrance of the Dampyr City, the multiple Elder Dampyrs in the cave by themselves, or the final boss if you fight everything at once (which I assume is intended) vs just staying out of range of multiple enemies so they dont agro.
  4. The dragons are basically low level content and for the majority of people you will encounter them VASTLY overleveled (not that they are hard at level).
  5. I think the current system (of getting to use everything) is perfectly fine and I enjoy it. My problem comes in a lack of tuning for your level and a complete lack of end game encounters. With the current system on Vet and POTD in fights of my level I should HAVE to do more then let my pre-determined AI abilities play out (which has casters just autoing) at maximum game speed since I will simply obliterate the enemies with no thought. From my experience your exact level encounters should feel around 1.5-2 skull level and are currently so undertuned it defeats the entire purpose of leveling
  6. I never got the Bog Witch or Liches Grimoire....I even spent like 2 hours searching the map and those caves specifically assuming that had to be them, but that I must of missed something.
  7. I don't believe this is the right forum for this topic and it should be moved to the spoiler forums, but anyways here is my answer regarding weapon combos My main consideration is Mins Fortune / Aldris Blade of the Captain Crow and together are probably the strongest weapon combination I found in the game, excelling on a devoted multiclass. Both increase your ability to crit, while providing large bonuses for critting and are sabers, thus have high damage and a great modal for more pen if needed. Sadly though Mins is obtainable early I believe the Aldris blade is acquired quite late if I
  8. I posted about this quest a few days ago as I couldn't find the Lich's Library or the Bog Hag and got no responses. Where did you find the Bog Hag at?
  9. Has anyone completed this or at least found the Bog Witch Hut or the Lich's Hidden Library. I swear I have literally scoured the entire map and can not find either of these. I did find an Ancient Lich in a Drowned Cave, but even with 22 perception I didn't notice anything hidden and the Lich's Grimoire itself doesn't count. I also found a super obvious Bog Witch Hut in a cave, but apparently this is also not the correct location. Anyone have any clues to either of these?
  10. Why would you consider int relevant over perception or resolve? As far as I can tell a Psyblade is almost purely autos and single target attacks, so the only real benefit from int is duration for some self buffs.
  11. In PoE1 I played a ranged Cipher, so in PoE2 I planned to continue this, but with a more melee oriented approach using sabers for a more pirate captain theme. That being said I have a few questions that maybe some of the beta players have answers too or others just better ideas then me in general. Is dual wielding better then one handed? The 20% of hits converted to crits along with higher accuracy seems pretty strong. Assuming dual wielding is better is confident aim worth getting for that 30% of grazes converted to crits? For this multiclass setup is biting whip strictly better
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