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  1. :O :o Is that a polar bear reskin for main character ranger? :D : D :D :D :D
  2. Someone posted recently about how to get the Wicked Pike, it's EDIT CORRECTION: a faction locked endgame bounty Ohhh, nice :D brb, gonna piss spoiler faction off haha
  3. I´m curious also about the Ragged Cloak aaaaaaand Wicked BeastPoor pike is M.I.A. since launch, someone send help.
  4. Now that we know that the "Gift of Hope" got axed, does anyone knows how to activate the +1 PL Woedica PoE1 ending perk?
  5. Any hotfixes in sight for bugs like this one (and the respec one with multiclasses losing their level one powers)? I kinda parked my druid when i found out about this bug
  6. Bug: When summoned, the ghost pet has his A.I. set to disabled all the time. Class: Ranger(Ghost Heart) and Wildrhymer. I tested just these 2. Rant: When i summon my ghost bear, his A.I. settings is always set to disabled. Everytime i summon, i need to micromanage him, 3 clicks to make him aware, usually resulting in 3 to 4 seconds scrapped off his duration (mostly because i have veeeeeeeery slow reaction time, snail like reflexes). This behavior kinda makes Ghost Heart multiclass ranger a chore to play and i think its a bug. Please tell me its a bug and not a feature. Thanks in advance, Snail man.
  7. Parcial Hair I´m excited for the death godlike expanded customization features that will arrive (not). :D
  8. Aarik D, i had the same issue as my brothers and sisters, read Suen advice, i went to my steam profile, set to public and "SHAZAM ROFLCOPTER SISHKEBAB", the Gaun's Pledge DLC installed instantly. Might be worth a try, it worked with this Gecko, might work for you too. [Pillars 1 steam version.]
  9. 2 Questions: 1) Does Death Usher racial interacts with chanter summons (Skelletons doing 20% + damage on low hp meat bags)? 2) Does the Minor Threat racial affects the skelletons too or is it restricted to the Chanter actions? Thanks in advance and i´m sorry for being a noob :D (I´m trying to see if theres any hidden/weird synergies outside the naturegodlike sexy wellspring of life )
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