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  1. Some ideas for multiclass pairings with Devoted based on your criteria of high single target dps: Cipher (Soulblade): Soul annihilation is still very strong, soul whip adds weapon damage, and the Cipher has several good self-buffs. You can use a pike or quarterstaff to fight behind your tank, or go for dual wielding or 2 handed weapons. Chanter (Skald): This is less single target focused, but so much fun. Skald synergizes very well with Disciplined Strikes for extra crit chance, and most of the offensive invocations hit hard and want you to be next to the enemy, while the chants can help k
  2. I'm kicking off my "truly final ultimate" run now that the final DLC is out, which means dusting off my Chanter Bladesinger main character from PoE 1. I'm excited about some of the multiclass options for realizing the character concepts even more effectively. I was inspired by the D&D Bladesinger class (an old favorite), and built an invocation focused chanter/swordmaster that worked out pretty well, but I always felt like I was fighting the class design the whole way. So now I'm planning on a Fighter/Skald that takes advantage of cheaper offensive invocations to bust out frequent "spe
  3. When I read it I assumed it was intended to enable multiclassing cipher with spellcasters, which is usually considered a poor choice given that spells don't generate focus. I'm thinking of something like a Priest of Wael Psion or control focused wizard who alternates between cipher spells and per encounter spells. I still don't think it's "high tier" (if that's really a thing) but it's a perfectly viable way to play one of those types of characters if you've been wanting to. Definitely worlds better than Wizard/Ascendant, for example.
  4. I'm in the beta branch currently but I've mostly been just testing various subclasses and such. I'd like to start a new game with one of them, but am wondering if my save game would just update and function normally once the public release hits? Or should I wait until the 13th to be safe?
  5. It's bad even for psion. Use 70 focus and some time on cast and recovery, in order to get 20-30 focus back... One thing to keep in mind though is that gaining Brilliant through a Tactitian multiclass is essentially free as long as you can reliably maintain the requirements. So instead of a poor resource trade for casting Ancestor's Memory it's more like a "gain +10 focus every 6 seconds" passive in the best case scenario. Would Ciphers take that passive if it was in their tree? I think they would, yeah. It's probably the least impactful use of Brilliant among all the classes (I'd rather see it
  6. After some further testing of Tactitian I'm running into a lot of issues getting the passive to proc at all. Multiple combats in a row now I've flanked all enemies with no allies flanked with no results. I'm doing it the old fashioned way: basic character model positioning rather than spells, flanked immunity, etc just to make sure. Anyone have any insights on something I'm doing wrong before I flag it as a bug report?
  7. Just did some quick testing and confirmed that Chanters gain +1 phrase from each tick of Brilliant. Ciphers gain +10 focus per tick, which doesn't seem to be affected by the total size of their focus pool (tested it once with a pool of 60 and once with a pool of 110). Full caster multiclasses seem like a pretty busted combo with Tactitian, especially since you can use their various spells to help meet the conditions for maintaining the buff. I'm personally interested in a War Caller build that spams offensive invocations to bring back that Bladesinger/Duskblade vibe, especially combined wi
  8. I have some questions about Tactitian. The ability seems straightforward at first glance, but Brilliant is so rare in the current version (I started playing after it was patched out of Chanter and such) that I'm not terribly familiar with its nuances. I get how it works with resource pool classes (rogue, barbarian, etc), but what about the caster classes? Do you regen a single spell level every six seconds? If so, is it the lowest level, highest, random, or what? Or is it one of every spell level you have available? That seems crazy, but the first version feels underwhelming. And what
  9. I just started Deadfire for the first time, and made it through most of Port Maje before realizing that my Mindstalker isn't working as intended. My weapon hits don't show bonus damage from soul whip in the combat log, and don't generate any additional focus. I have the focus I start the fight with, and once it's gone it's gone until the end of combat. I've tried resting, re-loading, unequipping gear, and traveling to a new area but nothing works. Feeling bummed as I'm really enjoying the game but a Cipher with no focus gain isn't playable. I do have the Unity Console installed, althou
  10. Yes that's the other combo I've been looking at. Would you build Arcane Knight as a summoned weapon user, or ignore them for real weapons? If so, do you lean towards dual wield or tank? If I went Arcane Knight I'd want to mix in regular spell casting instead of only buffs, but I'm not sure if that's optimal? Grrr, so many choices and I think part of the issue is that lots of classes and combos are good (yay balance) so I'm torn on which would be more my style. Guess I'll just need to take my best guess and be ready to restart a few times once I've played enough to figure out what suits me.
  11. Oh that makes sense, I hadn't really thought about the limitation of only casting two spells per level compared to martial classes working from a single resource pool. I can see how adding in a multiclass would give those casting classes more to do before and after casting their core spells. I still think I'll go with Aloth as a pure wizard for maximum spell nuke potential and just because that's how I think of him from my PoE 1 playthroughs, but I'll play around with the rest.
  12. Interesting. I was under the impression that single classing would work best for caster classes as you gain spell access faster and cast at an overall higher PL. Multiclassing with a martial class for a battlemage type build I get, but I'd been assuming that if I plan to have the character hang back and cast rather than use weapons or class abilities then single classing would be optimal. I'd love to be wrong about that though as I generally prefer multiclassing and find it more interesting.
  13. Thanks for all the helpful responses. I've narrowed down to either Inquisitor or Mindstalker. Both are strong so it's really more of a flavor/rp choice. That said, I still have a few decisions to make about subclasses. On the Cipher side, I'm leaning towards Ascendant. Both Rogue and Paladin would help with maxing focus faster (especially rogue), and I like the idea of unleashing hell every so often. One question I have is how big of a difference the -1 power level would actually make if I decided to cast some opening spells. From what I understand Power Level primarily affects damage,
  14. Nice. I read that build before but kind of skipped over it because of the nerfs to both WotP and Soul Annihilation. Inquisitor in general though is what I'm leaning towards, but probably either dual wield sabers or rapier + small shield for the accuracy modal to boost spellcasting (the +acc from that applies to spells, yes?). Spellblade is the other option that I find interesting. Great suggestions all around!
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