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  1. I went back and searched the entirety of Vilerio's Rest for her in my save. She isn't there either. Guess this fix doesn't apply to ongoing saves... and that really bites, seeing as I'm already 30+ hours into the game and there's no way I can restart now. I'm really disappointed. It feels like a punishment for backing the game and playing it on Day 1. Importing story fix worked, Vela does show on beach before ship repair, but where to find her later? Guess i just need to redo character on easy and find her. She is definitely not on ship!
  2. -Watchers who took the baby orlan in Pillars 1 will now see her in Vilario's Rest. Is she seen only before ship repair? Cant find her on ship in current save =(
  3. Equipped weapons have no effect on skills, look only at smoke veil recovery and stealth duration on it! if your character have low int, stealth will have less duration.
  4. This is very unfair to light weapons and stabby-stabby class fantasy! Most similar other classes abilities were changed to Full attack! On simple math side, great-sword deals almost x2 of dual daggers damage! Link to original topic!
  5. Same thing but i am not sure if its intended or not, its not hurting build much but will be nice to have max phrases as regular chanter!
  6. Well atleast we can just farm some Berath blessings and start game over again when hotfix is released! Anyway because of that bug iam tested my first build out and know its not working well!
  7. After repspecing at inn, my main character lost all buffs from npc training (3k each) and some abilities from multi-classing fighter/chanter! In chanter tree he lost first song and invocation that you choose at creation screen!
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