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  1. Ah thank you for the info. Using now lighter armor, i guess that helps (but not weapons, I see). So its 5,0 sec invis duration and 3,2 sec recovery time now (with the lighter armor). And I guess the attack action starts after 3,2 sec earliest. And i guess it takes a short time until the damage check is made, so it was definitely very close previously (with heavier armor). Again thanks for the help
  2. Ha, on further testing i do think you guys are right. i can pull it off sometimes with daggers, its still tricky, but under optimal circumstances (distance to enemy), it works. Thanks guys, sorry for the trouble. Awesome game btw
  3. Hi, thanks for the help. However: Recovery Time was around 3.5s. Event switched to dual dagger (recovery time 2.1s) and the problem still persists. As soon as I issue the command to attak (auto attack or an ability) my character walks to the target but then stands there waiting for invisibility to end and then attacks (without backstab effect) .. anyway seems like i am the only having this problem otherwise a lot more people would have complained by now i suppose. (any debug logs i can enable maybe to investigate on whats going on maybe?)
  4. Hi, my character is a paladin/rogue. 1.I use smoke veil to turn my character invisible. - works 2. Giving the command to attack (either by using an ability (E.f. FoD or auto attack) results in the character letting the 5.0 seconds of invisibility run out and then attack (which of course does not trigger backstab). I cant figure out a way to let him attack while being invisible to get the backstab bonus.
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