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  1. My must-have companions would be Aloth (especially if he is a relationship with the watcher, plus his story still has a long, long way to go ... also he's my favourite companion from both POE games), Rekke (his conversation in Ukaizo points to Yezuhan civilization being potential villains in the next game, so he definitely needs to be a main character in the next instalment), Tayn (just because he would have so much fun winding up the other companions, and his character has a lot of potential) and Ydwin (her story seems unfinished, plus she takes over Pallegina's pro-animancy stance). As c
  2. Unfortunately, my screen is on the highest resolution setting already. I have tried to do this with every resolution setting on my laptop, & the "Accept" button still did not appear. Thanks for trying to help, though ... I really appreciate it
  3. Sorry for dumb answer, but did you press 'Accept' Button? Some of us don't have the accept button, it's a known bug. Thanks so much Porcelyn. I hope they are able to fix the bug soon.
  4. Please could somebody let me know how to save newly customised hairstyles/ appearances? Every time that I try to change my character's look, it reverts straight back to the original look as soon as I exit the customisation screen? Many thanks for any help in advance.
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