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  1. Yea I especially noticed this at the first fight upon entering the dig site. The young boars did not have a path to get to my characters and basically just sat there the whole fight skipping turns.
  2. Just wanted to say that I played through port Maje, and agree that the turn based takes too long for me to enjoy. I think this is a very ambitious addition, and hope that obsidian can refine this mode!
  3. The character's supposed to be in melee range. Dumped Res and average Con would get me destroyed, wouldn't it? @Steezbucket: Interesting, I didn't realize deflection was so all-or-nothing at a high level. But with defenses like that, how do I (and my animal buddy) not get deleted in melee? Rely entirely on CC and smart tanking? You just need to position this character so that he is only being attacked by 1 enemy, and that enemy is the focus of CC and the rest of your DPS. Con is also kind of a worthless stat because might increases healing which over the course of a fight is go
  4. I would dump Res completely. It is basically an all or nothing stat that is only useful for the absolute main tank. A shifter stalker does not have the passive buffs necessary to even sniff being the main tank in PotD, so you are much better off focusing on all of the other stats. I'd go with something like: 18 MIG 8 CON 18 DEX 14 PER 18 INT 3 RES (not sure I got the numbers exact here but something similar to this) This stat allocation will allow you to focus on the strengths of druid and the lower PER will be made up for in all the goodies rangers offer.
  5. Problem: FPS drops from 50ish to about 15 when using the spell casting AOE reticle. The more targets that are going to be hit by a spell cause the performance to just absolutely chug. The more targeting information that gets shown, the worse it gets. Prior to patching I would maintain a solid 40 to 50 FPS in combat and there was no such issue. It also seems like the font and style of combat text is different in the beta patch. System: Intel I5-6600K Nvidia 1070
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