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  1. Ha! Llengrath just walked away before I could give her the Godseed. I guess I have my new "orlan baby" for PoE3 reactivity. Yeah in my game as well, a dev replied in another topic saying it's a bug and it'll be hotfixed
  2. Yeah there's at least one slide about Wael's body, one about the Vithracks and one about the Godseed that I remember. But there were a lot of choices so who knows how many variations there are, I'm actually waiting for the hotfix to play through it again
  3. It feels like there's so many possible outcomes to this, considering all the choices and approaches you can take. Maybe in the future someone will datamine all possible endings or something, I'd be curious to know how bad the whole thing can go
  4. [spoilers, obviously] It's an item split in three pieces, two you pick up in the fleshy section where you need to cut off the bile obstructing the jump, the last you get in the Oracle chamber. You can give it to Tayn once you come back (I thought you could give it to Llengrath as well, but she leaves immediately with no option to give it to her? Not sure if it's a bug or something) but the ending slide about it was kind of a letdown, not sure if you can get other results by making different choices.
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