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  1. When my main character turned level 3, I decided to hire 8 level 2 adventurers, so I took 4 of them with me, leaving another 4 behind. After playing for some time, I went to swap my team and noticed that all my inactive characters had different amounts of xp. By the time I was level 5, I had a couple of characters who were still only level 3, which means I would be better of killing them and hiring level 4 characters instead! This is very game breaking for me. I know in the first game they are all supposed to earn 75% of the xp your active party earns. So I was wondering if anyone could explain how much they are supposed to earn when inactive in deadfire?
  2. Well it's not the most ridiculous thing I've heard today. Good thinking, I may as well join this convo! I just entered all the codes just now so thanks to those who contributed
  3. I gave it a shot but i was only able to get through one since my carpal tunnel is starting to act up. Thanks mate I am pleased with that
  4. I would appreciate it if anybody is willing to do a watercolour of these portraits before the game comes out
  5. The Aumaua has already been done thanks to Aramintai Follow this link: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91743-portraits/page-18
  6. You know if you are looking for extra Aumaua portraits, you could look no further than Kana and Maneha from the first game. Just an idea I also found this pic of an orc, I don't know if he could pass as an Aumaua though lol https://imgur.com/a/5i0gM
  7. These are really good Aramintai. The second attempt at the orlan is a bit better I think, so thanks for the extra effort. And the only people that need to be scared of her is the bad guys in the Deadfire
  8. Does anybody have a 210 x 330 version of this pic? It was originally posted by TempMcGuy and edited by Aramintai. https://imgur.com/a/ok0IS
  9. I have another request if it is not too much bother Here is a female orlan and a rather handsome man lol https://imgur.com/a/HQmQs
  10. Which one pic? Dunno, something went wrong there. Reuploaded it, somebody try it out That's it sorted now thanks again And thanks for your help too Messier-31
  11. Thank you very much Aramintai, they look great Is it just me or was there a problem uploading the larger pic of the male elf? It says "the image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available"
  12. Hi great work guys! Could somebody convert these portraits for me please? https://imgur.com/a/g5w84
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