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  1. Hello folks! I have gotten almost to the end with my The Ultimate run with a wizard and I have a question because with my scouting char I can't seem to defeat Brynlod. This might be due to upscaling being on but I maneged it once and I wanted to know if getting the enemy separated and picking them off in smaller groups should be considered cheesing? Because I really want to make this a clean win but I can't seem to pull it of without resting through one encounter. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I've stumbled here looking for a way to change either the stats of the item or swap appearance of two helmets. And this toutorial here is by far the best i've found. Still as I'm a bit green I can't seem to get my thing done with it. Any chcance someone can explain how to do any of the two above? Thanks in advance ^^
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