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  1. I have also had Pallegina leave my party after completing "A Dance with Death". After completing the quest she leaves as soon as you sail away from Dunage. Pallegina's letter after leaving Save after she leaves Save before completing the quest I have not had her marker glitch and stand in the ocean or Maia leave as the OP had. Hope this helps. Cheers
  2. The turn-based update is motivated by the console releases 100%. It eases so much of the jank of playing a game like this with a controller.
  3. Description: One of my quicksaves is consistently giving me a "Loading Error: There was an error loading the next map. Returned to main menu to prevent save game corruption." My other saves do not appear to be affected. I've tried re-launching the game and the same quicksave would not load. Verifying game files in steam did not resolve it either. Fortunately I have a save from 5 min previously that works just fine. Steps To reproduce: Try loading the quicksave linked. It should not load. Link to the broken quicksave and a good save from 5 minutes previously, along with an output log and dxdiag. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgbktqi990tmr65/POE2%20save.zip?dl=0 Hopefully this helps you to resolve this issue. Thanks.
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