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  1. I'm 71 hours in and I decided to start the main quest (almost level 20)! Then this happened: I traveled to Hasongo with my usual party (Eder, Pallegina, Ydwin, Maia). Knowing I might encounter Eothas I swapped out Ydwin for Xoti for any unique dialogue. Upon encountering a locked door requiring a mechanic (Ydwin) I went back to my boat to replace Xoti with Ydwin. At the making of this forum post, the only issue was Ydwin's inventory getting deleted and her level being reset. But then I decided to record the phenomenon in addition to sending the bugged save file to the forums. That's when things started to get weird. Like Monika invading my save game: Several companions had their inventories and levels reset after being added to the party. Aloth had his personal inventory locked. My 99% explored world map was completely reset except for where I was (Hasongo). Even Port Maje was undiscovered. The ship companion screen would glitch out. As usual, I have no mods or iroll20s installed or enabled. I do have the save file and a recording of the incident. Thanks for your time and your assistance! bug_one.zip
  2. Screenshots: So here I have a screenshot of my Watcher having the Blessing without having the bonuses while Eder has the bonuses. This is a save that is separate from the above one. All three of the saves appear to behaving differently. Update: I have since started a fourth save. Everything was working fine until I reloaded a file from that save, IE: Reached level 2 in the cave Everything was fine Saved game without distributing points Loaded that save Watcher's blessing disappeared. Eder's blessing remained.
  3. I've just created two new characters and the Blessing no longer works for me either. It is applying only on Eder, not Xoti and not my Watcher. This was working fine in the beta, strangely enough. Update: Created a third new save. Eder has the blessing, even in the level up screen (this has been normal). Watcher now has the blessing, but not in the level up screen (not normal). Xoti had the blessing upon recruiting her. At some point she lost the blessing between recruiting her and doing quests around Port Maje. I had closed the game, loaded the save to capture screenshots. Now the Watcher is working fine (level up screen and character screen), Xoti is still bugged. Recruited Aloth, he has no blessing (same as Xoti). Screenshots attached.
  4. Amazing work you all have done. Have the attached portraits been done? If not, could you do it for me? I'm a fan of Tyranny's artwork and portraits. Appreciate you!
  5. Both games in this series have denied robe wearers style points, hell in the first game I only wore enchanted Dyrwoodan clothes (and Stalwart clothes for the roleplay). These robes are what I've been wanting for a long time.
  6. I appreciate you!. Both of those unique abilities are definitely nice, but from your information it's not enough to make me abandon Blood Mage just yet. I can cancel my No Subclass run I just created. Now, going off of what the OP said earlier, the use of Empower is necessary to progress this item? Would I miss out on the Legendary effect or just the last two passives?
  7. Blood magic is my thing, will almost exclusively play the class type whenever I have the option. I remade my character right away when it came with the beta. Now I'm remaking my character again because of this, sad face. Could you tell me the effects of the Robes? I would like to know if I should brave the storm and keep Blood Mage anyway.
  8. I'm still having the issue was well. Made a post to Steam support after their solutions failed and found this thread from Google.
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