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  1. Our MOD request site is inactive It's not dead, we're simply not doing things The aim of this site was to help the community - and we did So while https://poe.peardox.com/ remains alive the 40 odd members we have will only take personal requests. As I am personally responsible for this site. My friends have contributed hugely to the community. When you run a site on zero cash it becomes expensive (hitting food stamps soon) Blame me (I'll be on the streets in a few months anyway)
  2. It's not impossible but it's extremely difficult I'm a member of a Mod-Dev site and some of our members are / were extremely interested in such topics Sadly it appears we're reliant on Obsidian providing models If you simply wanna play with GameDev that's fairly open can I suggest NeverWinter Nights? We have requested an editor for POE2 but it appears this is impossible
  3. I agree that the M$ ownership is a plus I contacted Nexus yesterday and they say they won't do anything console related This means to my mind that while it's possible a third party is required There are, however, legal hoops to jump through as I know for a fact that certain Modders only accept Nexus as a platform I could easily write an API that supplies the mod to a device I'll go chat with @BMac
  4. We're aware that the console launch is upcoming My question is simple - how to we apply a Mod to override when it comes out? Are there any plans for this? I can apply Mods to phones in Beamdog's case simply but as I don't own any consoles am a bit mystified as to the delivery method for XBox / PS4 etc I'd guess the easiest way to handle such stuff it with an existing large player (e.g. Nexus)
  5. This needs pinning! If you were writing Deadfire how would you change it? This is the simplest way I could ask it
  6. I personally know the REAL names of many of the top-rated people we talk to. I actually have addresses for a few. It is important to me that my friends remain anonymous Let's take @Spherikal as an example - I can email him directly I can do this with a lot of the top ranking modders I will never share any address other than my own (Hi I'm Simon - chat to me on simon@peardox.com)
  7. NP Zappy If you've got it covered that's good enough for me Your friend (always) Simon (well just about everyone knows my name <g>) Note I didn't use your real name...
  8. Just looked at my code 150 lines of PHP with expected directories I'll upload it if you like with the assumptions I make if you want Warning - you'll need about 25G on a Linux server or a VM running Ubuntu Sod it - I'll write a howto to generealize the method
  9. Wotcha @zapgunforhire Are you only after modifying the "$type": "Game.GameData.CharacterProgressionTableGameData, Assembly-CSharp", ones? I can automate this I simply need an example and the specific $type to mess with Did this for @Spherikal a few months ago for his enhanced UI Our Slack is still alive so PM me there with specifics and I'll write it for you - it's only an hour or so's work (beats doing it manually) This is simply a conversion job and I have the base code from Spherikal's on my system
  10. I just posted a similar Q in main - mine doing with voices We have good support from OBS so many reqs we do actually get fulfilled My suggestion is that you PM @BMac (he's very helpful) and directly ask about this issue The worst that can happen is nothing (experience shows this to be a fallacy) Soz to end on a double negative
  11. Thanks @bmac That's cool but although I can take a MP3 and convert it to a WEM it would be better is I could take a voice My desire is to let the player record their own voice and replace the audio track So, much in the same way I can Mod override/gui/portraits/* I'd like an audio version I don't imagine this a HUGE task My aim is to be non-destructive Still want the multi-player concept answering...
  12. @Bmac Can we possibly mod the player voice track? Ideally the same for Companions as well. There is a real concept here as we can pick up all the text + tie them to the vocals so potentially I could have ME doing the voice and depending on how dedicated you are to the game friends and family voicing the companions. I'll be releasing a website in February that auto-generates a Mod that overrides the main Player, Companion, Followers and NPCs with AI added after (funding required) If you have any ideas for POE2 Multi Player I would love to be kept in the loop (I'll need to modify my
  13. I've put a req into out largely disbanded Slack for advice Sure someone was making headway on this (don't quote me) It's easy enough to extract (most) things - the hassle is getting it registered to the system Theoretically you could Mod a prefab then mod it's call in exported/design/creatures.gamedatabundle, i.e. change some bear into a T-Rex. Sadly OBS don't give us the tools to do this Flat graphics are easy (we moaned them silly over these) So, for example, https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/286 You can also do icons with ease - check out TT1's Un
  14. No Well, actually, that's not true Some of my friends have done models - not got a clue myself, they just told me they did it and I believe them All I can be sure of is that it's damned hard Everything in POE2 is a Unity model and they ain't easy to extract, change, repack
  15. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/286 This is a stupid little Mod that changes the images of all major companions into Game Of Thrones portraits, the images I got from Wiki so feel I won't get into any trouble The mod is fully fleshed out directory-wise so you can use this as an example to create your own portrait packs that don't have to overwrite the portraits directory (thank for this BMac) You can redefine Player, Companions + Follower, NPCs and even Animal Companions (the last one ain't worth it) Simply go to gui/portraits and copy anything you want into on
  16. OK - some other people like the prettified stuff so made a sep thread on this one https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103556-exported-prettified-json/?hl=prettified Go to the bottom, my most recent post, and you'll find a 11M download that makes this a hell of a lot easier to deal with All I do in these translations is turn one long line of JSON into human readable form which makes them far easier to handle (try the original + mine - it's obvious which is easier to work with)
  17. Just did 4.0.1 base for another thread https://poe.peardox.com/exported/ As usual this is the prettified JSON for exported (no expansions - I wanna keep it clean as possible)
  18. I've actually got a DB that has all the UIDs (those funny numbers) in it The general issue is simply to parse *.gamedatabundle, pick up the Class, friendly name and the GUID (done this) What you're after is more complex, a recursive version that gets sub-objects and associates them with a parent Is it doable? Of course! Is it worth it? Not really... The way I usually trace things is to look to e.g. Eder then find out where some owned GUID occurs This is far easier to do if you've got a Pretty Printed version of the JSON - I ran 4.0.1 yesterday If you have any linux
  19. Hehe Been playing with gui/portraits https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/286/ You can also do NPCs and animal_companions (the latter are a bit pointless)
  20. You're looking in the wrong directory If you could be more specific I need the character you wanna play with It's complicated to find the right one and you're looking in the wrong dir (you want exported/design/conversations/<somewhere> ties to /design/local/local/<somewhere> Yeah - I researched this a lot... The sound tracks are in the gamedatabundle files pointed to by localised/design/gamedata/charaters.gamadatabundle I could write a lot on this - just go read my stickies, it explains everything (ish)
  21. I've only got one req in this one bud Can you pls put a clear and failsafe dir structure here (and in the Mod docs) so we know where to put things We tend to replicate original (not everyone) for a mod So... We often use design + localized for basic stuff We use conversation for that bit of story lines etc, portraits for (guess) I'd like to know if we're missing anything from override Seems to me we should be able to do audio for the PC + Companions
  22. OK - a simple Q As you're about to launch in Switch / XBox / PlayStation how will my friends and my own mods reach those platforms? As we tend to publish on Nexus and usually use the Nexus only option I discussed with my 30+ developer mates what we should do months ago SOME Mod devs are extremely anti anything not Nexus This is a problem I suggested our own release site (really bad feedback over that one) I can still set this up (wrote most of it) but SOME devs will NOT wanna join such a scheme Many devs I know are anti-cash for a Mod (so will not release legall
  23. The best solution to this is the "Warp" trick with an XP boost at the same time (the short answer) The long answer... Let's say you wanna start at level 4 - you simply need an NPC you can chat to - obvious ones are on the beach at start The other trick is to "Warp" yourself somewhere else (you can go just about anywhere) The issues with this is that you'll not have enough people to man the boat (works anyway) and when you "Warp" you're still level one unless we've added you a load of XP so you can level In theory II can "Warp" a level one to endgame (not actually tried that
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