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  1. Hey, I don't suppose any devs are at liberty to say which character's back story is being released next, right? On the off chance you're taking requests, I would like to see "A Wizard's Tale" next (Ezren's story).
  2. I have noticed some possible bugs associated with Valeros's Tale, but they seem to be in my favor so I haven't complained about them. I have come across the Animalbane Dogslicer as well, but I didn't end up keeping it so it wasn't an issue. The one that I think is a bug is that I have complete access to all of Valeros's special gear when I create a new game with him. I believe I need to unlock all of that first. Anyways, I have been able to use it before unlocking all of the levels. If it is a bug, it won't bother me too much to need to unlock it before being able to use it in the future.
  3. I will have to see if there are any other options at the top. I hadn't thought of that. I'll let you know. EDIT: That was the problem. Thanks everyone!
  4. Thank you for your reply, Bullwinkle. I don't think that interpretation is correct though. The Archer's power is worded "Recharge this card to add 1d4 to your Ranged Combat Check." It refers to a ranged combat check and doesn't specify the Ranged skill. Also, Shalelu's ability has identical wording except that it applies to "any" Ranged Combat Check. When I use Shalelu, it adds a d4 without converting another die to d4.
  5. I have noticed a consistent bug with the Archer card. When I use the recharge ability to increase a ranged attack roll by a d4, it also changes one of my other dice to a d4. For example, if I am using Merisel with a light crossbow, I get a d12 and a d8 (plus whatever modifier I have leveled up to). When I use the Archer, I end up with a d12 and two d4s plus modifiers. Many times my hit % is better before I use the Archer.
  6. I seldom pay for games and I was pleasantly surprised that Pathfinder Adventures offered so much free content in the beginning. I admit, I grinded for gold to "purchase" the original characters and adventure decks. I am very appreciative of the content that I was able to get for free and I completely understand that they are not able to offer that anymore. I was not really big on the goblin content and didn't bother getting that, but I am loving Valeros's backstory. I hope the developers continue to produce content like that. I am more than happy to pay for it. The only thing I ask (if the devs are listening) is to continue to make content available on a piecemeal basis. I would have a hard time justifying $25 for an entire set, but I can pay $5 or so for individual modules from time to time. Video games are just not high on my financial priorities.
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