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  1. And yet, I still cannot spend any of my accumulated gold on anything worth having.
  2. Ignore the haters, Rubarack. You've been cheated out of your money, and you have every right to be upset by that. Those things are not worth spending money on, in Rubarack's opinion or in mine.
  3. Agreeing with everyone opposed to the new pricing scheme. Game is now ruined. I'm out.
  4. I made this account for exactly one reason: to say "Wow, you just totally ruined your game!" I was actually really looking forward to buying the next adventure this weekend. But now you want me to pay actual money? Uh, no, I only spend money on real games, not mobile time wasters. I can't even buy characters with gold anymore! Can't buy adventures or characters: gold is now effectively worthless. With gold becoming worthless your replay value is totally gone. There's no way I'm going to pay money for a game that I will play through exactly once, at normal difficulty, and then delete
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