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  1. Any news from Devs in regards to this issue? Happens to me quite often in Old City ruins under Neketaka, when I engage multiple enemies at once, stuck in combat even as I am writing this message, because of one lousy un-targetable gul which at first kept following my group and missing all of it's attacks, and now it's "stuck" on plain smooth ground and just keeps "grinding" there. Happened often with those small grubs in area, but I was able to move away and thus lose the aggro, happened with some rotghasts and now this... Game's been running for a while now, also it seems to happen with enemies which spawn in large numbers and are, possibly, defeated instantly with some big attack or AoE, maybe also have some debuff of them (can't check that since I can't target the blasted thing), no AoE's or bombs or anything can kill it.
  2. I cannot even start a new game anymore, everything was working until the very last patch. Now when I start a new game, set the options, get the first "neat background and starry night" image with text "Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire", then it fades to black, then there's the loading indicator in lower right corner and them bam! Main menu and this same message. Steam game, latest version, all DLC's installed, done the local file verification and no issues were found, all files were OK and up to date. I removed the old saves so don't even have any saves left right now to send in, and can't start a game to even create a save..
  3. I am getting this map load error after the latest patch. Never had it before, but now after I patched to latest patch - and also got this new hairstyles and beards DLC (which I doubt is the cause since I haven't been even able to use it yet) - I am getting this "unable to load next map, returning to main menu to prevent save file corruption". Note that it is happening when I try to load an existing save, but also when I try to start a completely new game! I click New Game, select difficulty, select some options and press Start Game, I get through that initial screen Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, then the loading image appears in lower right corner and them bam! Main menu with that error message. Can't load any saves (which worked all well up until now), can't start a new game.
  4. Just wanted to say a thank you to everyone who has posted the codes, who is looking for them, without you I wouldn't have most of the codes. Thank you all.
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