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  1. The stash progression bug has not been fixed. I have a party currently stuck at a progression break trying to rebuild decks after completing an adventure. We are short one ally and without a method to pull a new one "from the box" we can not continue. This has happened to me before with armor and with blessings, both times only corrected when a developer manually added items to my stash. This should allow rebuilding in the same way that the tabletop game does: must pull cards from the stash first; if there aren't enough <insert card type here> to rebuild, go to the box and choose fro
  2. Playing on MacOS via Steam, and just experienced the locked scenario powers bar. First time this came up, I exited to the main menu and then returned tot the scenario and it was fixed. Moments later it locked again, but another exit and return did not fix it. Magga's head never disappeared.
  3. I have completed an adventure in deck 3 (it was about Fort Rannick), and was sorting through the cards my party has acquired. I got to the point where everyone's cards were back to the correct count by type and the decks were the right size, except that one character needs another blessing. There are no extra blessings in the sideboard. I assume that the "proceed" arrow is supposed to allow me to go to a different window where I can choose a blessing from "the box" as would be permitted in the tabletop game, but this is not happening. The proceed arrow is greyed out and my team is stuck in the
  4. I have experienced the Stride bug initially reported here (lost free explore) several times. Using Steam on a Mac.
  5. The bury option came from BoG's power to copy the top card of the Blessing Discard pile, which is the Blessing of Lamashtu, which in turn has the power that it may be buried to add two dice to a check to defeat a monster. As far as I'm concerned, everything you experienced is working as intended.
  6. Okay - good to know it's doing what it should be doing; annoying to know that I'm playing the game wrong.
  7. Here's the situation where this has cropped up a few times: character XXX encounters an incorporeal monster (ghost, spectre, etc.) that requires the magic trait in order to be defeated. XXX does not have a magic weapon or attack spell, but can bring the requisite damage via powers, blessings and such. In order to defeat the monster, XXX elicits help from a friend in the form of a spell, like Aid, Strength, Agility, or Guidance, all of which have the magic trait. The extra dice/damage from these spells are not needed, but the magic trait is critical. You can probably see where this is going
  8. I have found that when in the resupply phase immediately after a scenario ends, there is a button in the bottom right of the screen that allows me to examine my characters' powers and such. However, if I do not compete the resupply phase (escape and exit to main menu), when I return to the resupply screen, this button is gone. This is a consistent problem with all my parties and has occurred every time I have done this. The character powers, skills, etc. are super important to review in choosing which cards to continue carrying on each character. Is there a plan to fix this? Syste
  9. Same situation with me working from Mac Sierra version 10.12.5. NO technical gameplay issues, it's just a nuisance.
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