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  1. Rather, both KOTORs were designed so that the primary option was to control one character while your companions ran on autopilot; the other, slghtly less supported option was to pause and control them all with autoqueues. The camera and so forth made it difficult to control everyone in real-time, which was my point. It was exactly the same as NWN1; it wasn't designed to control a large party like you did with IE, it was designed for pause-and-cumbersome-control or letting them autopilot. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Unfortunately the action queues didn't work, because the moment you switched characters the AI would overrule your choices. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I remember finding it somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes the AI would override, but other times not. The thing is though, is that NWN2 strikes me as not being a whole lot different, so I'm not sure if it should be held to a different standard than KOTOR or NWN1. I don't think the original NWN is really a great example of this. I still found the OC to be rather restrictive. I never really felt like there was much random exploring to do. The Fallouts, or the original Baldur's Gate are much, much better examples. Not that I minded it in NWN, as I typically don't care for random exploring. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> NWN1 had this, but it also simultaneously allowed for wandering or random killing. If you needed to be taken by the hand and guided along (like NWN2 does exclusively) you could, but you could also stray 20 maps over and into some weird forest as well. That sense of exploration that's missing. It's the "openess" That Josh was talking about. If it doesn't bother you from being guided along, then no need worry about it if it's implemented. NWN1 serviced both types of preferences. I just wish NWN2 was the same in that regard.
  2. Right but like in NWN1, you got your mission at home base kinda deal, and if you chose to go on it you did, if not.. you didn't. If you chose to wander and mutilate chickens and farmers you were free to do so and shifte your alignment as a result. , or if you chose to go exploring and ran into trouble that was your own fault. There was that sense of discovery and you could never be sure what lurked beyond. I enjoyed how I was able to discover side quests on my own without being told about them. KotoR II was a bit more free that way, but still all "Obsidian" about plotting useless NPC's for some reason. Just so..Disney..
  3. "We"? "People"? If you were editing a Wikipedia article you'd have been banned long ago for willfully avoiding a neutral point of view to conjure unsubstantiated "consensus" to justify your own opinions, which is decribed as hearsay, to couch personal opinion in vague or indirect syntax. If by"people" you mean only three in this thread that have been vocal detractors of my posts for a long time now, you need to be more specific. Because as we know, four others in here who are also "people", were content to maturely discuss the topic. The thread is not pointless, but your explanation of what we already know is. The questions remain unanswered.
  4. Don't speak for "most folks", because you can't. Speak for yourself, let the other two in your band of Riftworm -thread detractors speak for themselves. I earlier stated I care less if the anti-Riftworm 3 man coalition do or don't take me seriously, I pointed out you could run along if you weren't goint to stay on topic. Junai has a point. Let patch support and Atari be the topic, not me. this thread is about patch support, not your bias towards me, and inability to keep pertinent.
  5. Clearly brought what on myself? Your inability to discuss this topic and refrain from digression to an unrelated post? I told you what you can run along and do if you can't handle the topic at hand. Thre is nothing "fanatical" about this thread, it seems you want there to be really bad though.
  6. An excellent current bioware topic on the slow erosion of Fantasy with censorship : http://nwn2forums.bioware.com/forums/viewt...31843&forum=109 ^
  7. Yet blue, angshuman, and Crashgirl all seem to be discussing the topic fine before you and kirottu started yet again derailing the thread topic, and before Gromnir hopped on the bandwagon to start including personal discussion. What War? What army? What on earth are you talking about? This thread topic is a question about Atari support for the franchise. Nothing else. I'm sorry you got all bent out of shape and couldn;t control your emotions that someone else didn't like the state of NWN2 in another thread. Is that what you wanted to hear? Are you done with the irrelevance now?
  8. Your biased, vitriolic, accusational, non objective and offensive descriptions aside, those quotes aren't mine but here's one you can use directly from me -> "Here are some fair and reasonable questions I'd like to ask and discuss as blue and others seem to be doing, and If you can't maturely discuss the content you are presented with, without digressing to unrelated threads from the past, and find yourself regressing into some personal debate about me, perhaps you'd be better off not participating in this thread until you feel you can." EDIT: Gromnir - I'm not looking for a fanclub, and could care less about those that think I need to apologize for my perspective on NWN2.
  9. This is the reason why I bother with Riftworm, Sargy. He
  10. This is the reason why I bother with Riftworm, Sargy. He
  11. This is the reason why I bother with Riftworm, Sargy. He
  12. This is so far removed from any thread relevancy or personal accuracy that all I can say is : :crazy:
  13. Sweet thx for putting this where no one will ever see it! :joy:
  14. This would not be all that dissimilar to the original game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What? NWN1 had 3 expansions.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What was the 3rd? I only remember Shadows of Undrentide, and Hordes of the Underdark. Anyway, working on expansions would be considered development of the expansion, not support of the original game. And Obsidian has no control over whether or not they can make an expansion or not. Thats atari's call. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Typo I corrected before you responded (at 11:00) . In any case they had 2 expansions. The point is Atari's pockets were getting fat from NWN1 and had the resources to supplement 2 more expansions and many many patches. I don't remember any such news that Atari abandoned Bioware at any point? Is this substantiated by so much as a news worthy Vault or Bioware post? In any case what becomes of NWN2 now?
  15. This would not be all that dissimilar to the original game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What? NWN1 had 2 expansions..
  16. Found This post at Bioware: And then Read this Vault News about Obsidian stopping NWN2 work after the 1.03 patch, and being replaced by the "NWN2 Live Team". So that four man team is all that's left for any future support of NWN2? What kinds of changes can they accomplish? Can we expect further optimization of the game? Who is in charge of tech support and bug squashing? Did Atari tie their purse strings and turn their back on NWN2?
  17. Because of Moral reasons I boycott NCSoft Games. NCSoft is a Korean company, as such there concept of whats acceptable behavior on their servers is very much out of line with most western thinking. Mainly when it comes to sexual harassment and impropriety. I play MMOG's with my wife, the last thing I want to do is load up a game, make a toon and enter only to have some jackhole 14 year old use "Jerks off into your face" as his greeting to Noobie characters. That's just the childish stuff, on the Virtue Server for City of Heroes there is actually a guy there who is a known stalker, has harassed countless female players to the point of getting ahold of there e-mail or even phone numbers and going all out psycho on them... when people tried to do something about it and brought it up to the proper channels, including in game Logs of harassment, threatening out of game e-mails and even a recorded phone conversation where he threatened to break up one girls relationship with her boyfriend (Via means of bogus accusations of infidelity) if she did not cyber with him... NCSoft actually went out of there way to defend this guy and it was all brushed it allunder the carpet because in Korea I guess this is seen as perfectly acceptable behavior. So no... Until Guild Wars is Bought out by someone else, or Korea goes through a major social reform... I have not and will not play Guild Wars. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Geez, they don't sound very cool. Well, at least their game is.
  18. This is entirely true. Other companies shine as well, but Bioware makes great games. I didn't care all that much for NWN. I enjoyed my two runs, but I thought it was uninspired. However, BG2 and KotOR1 rank among my favorites. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can imagine how offline NWN would blow chunks after beating it once. I meant online multiplayer. There was such a broad spectrum of modding going on, server rules, guilds and themes that it simply never got dull over the five years I played it online. Even right when it started to lose it's luster, PrC modifications came in, coupled with CEP the PrC basically rewrote classes and feats from scratch and breathed new life into the game. That's why i hold it so hold NWN in such high regard, because of the Multiplayer success. Once single player get's stale which is early, forget about it. NWN1 just never got stale online though. We were a daily populace of 50 on Dungeon Eternal X up until NWN2.
  19. Medieval 2 is extremely addicting. You tried Guild Wars?
  20. Whether you're on the BG2 side, KotoR side, or NWN1 side or all of the above it doesnt matter. The point is, it's Bioware.. When it comes to making games, Bioware Shines.
  21. LOL... *recalls reminding Cant about said derailment in another thread*
  22. It's Bioware. How could you possibly "worry"? It's not as if it were Obsidian or something.
  23. And we're all suckers for it. Actually, Volourn, this forum has seen lots of constructive debate about the points at hand alone, without rift's presence, and we are all capable of recognising such faults. Riftworm need not be here to tell us they are there, we are not blind, and it seems to me that the discussion he precipitated in this thread is no longer of any value. Since he says he is not out here ot persuade anyone, then he is simply here to argue his point over, and over, again, and that helps nobody and isn't entertaining either. Hopefully some of the activity that has been siphoned here can filter back out into other threads so that we don't see a perpetual upkeep of this one clambering menagerie. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> um We've been discussing it just fine for the past 10 pages now. I was actually done until others continued to address me, to which I responded. He's right though, you and the moderator made it about me while we were content discussing my points earlier. -
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