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  1. Hello, I had a similar issue at the end of adventure 5 : I received a runeforge weapon for all my characters right after the end of the scenario but when I reached the party management section all weapons were missing. I'm playing on Android, party of 4. In my saved games, I also have a party of 2 that has completed all 6 adventures. As mentioned on the weapon description (in the deck manager/collection section), they are supposed to disappear when you reach the Xin Shalasth adventure. Since my other team reached it, could it be the cause of the problem?
  2. Hi, I connected with Asmodee.net last evening, since then I can't find my parties anymore. I tried to clean the cache as suggested, I de-installed and re-installed the app on my Android device, I launched it from Google Play Games : no result. I installed it on my iPhone, the link was succesful but I still can't access my parties. In the end, I created a new party and I was able to recover my characters with their cards and accomplishments. Firemael #3305
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