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  1. Mr Bishop fixed it to where I could play (deleted lower characters and temporarily deleted unclaimed items). The only problems that I've had with it crashing are if I try to modify a deck prior to a game or if I try to buy a consumable during the game. Have to say I'm not a huge fan of the stash. Multiple copies of the same card count individually, so I have to keep selling cards that I may or may not want to keep/give to another character.
  2. It crashes if I try to use my established party too. Anything involving access to any type of party causes the crash. It started after update 1.2.6 (or whatever it was). Commonly mentioned in App Store reviews, as I mentioned in my pm.
  3. Will this update address the constant crashing on iOS version?
  4. It's not too many characters. It worked fine prior to the update before the store fix, unless the number of maximum characters was reduced. But I will pm my number anyway.
  5. Any chance you could look into why the iOS version crashes every time any interaction with an existing party or trying to create a new party, which has made the game unplayable?
  6. My point is, since the update prior to the one that fixed store access (imagine that, you can go spend money already), the game crashes anytime I attempt to play it. I'm not saying that the fix will be 1-2 months out, that was what someone else said. On the ratings for PA on the App Store for the most current version, there are 13 ratings, and 11 of them are 2 star or less, with most of those being a 1 star rating. I'm not whining about a little bug that makes things wonky. I cannot even play the effing game, and no one has addressed the issue to even say "we're working on it." A play
  7. I've been asking for some kind of update on the update or fix to no avail. I suppose they're putting everything into the steam release bug fixes and giving compensation to those players who were effected by problems (as per a thread on the GA board if I remember correctly). I'm not holding my breath and have uninstalled the game until I see a fix has been implemented through App Store.
  8. Just a bump in an effort to try and get some sort of update on when a mobile based fix will be released to fix the constant crashing bug (and I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and cannot do anything that requires access to any party of characters without the game crashing.
  9. So, Hannibal's response says that we're going to have the pleasure of waiting 1-2 months (barring a hotfix) to get an update and hopefully a fix to not being able to play the game? I would love to get an official response, because other than people on the forum, there's been really nothing than a statement of about oh, we'll let them know.
  10. Well, for iOS players, the game crashing when trying to do anything with characters has been nice unaddressed for at least a week, (whenever the last update pre-Steam release was).
  11. Does this mean that mobile support will be put on the backburner now?
  12. That's what I mean. The mobile app is free, the PC version isn't, so naturally which product is going to get more attention? I don't use my PC for games, so the mobile app is my option and it is currently useful for just taking up storage space on my phone.
  13. It looks like the gut feeling that when I thought real support for the mobile apps would be out on the backburner when the pay to play Steam version came out may be what's happening. It's been about a week since the update that got rid of quest mode and has made it crash every time anything involving the party is concerned. Of course the store (which is potential revenue) was corrected the next day.
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