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  1. What I meant by the "rest skill points", is that once your PC no longer becomes playable, and you switch over to Revan... you wont be stuck with the force skills and stats that you applied to the original PC... Therefore once you switch to Revan, you arent forced to be the same type of jedi with the same type of skills that your PC was. And I'm all for the PC not being force sensitive, but rather being a mercinary, or scoundrel or whatever. The main purpose of the PC is just to teach the game mechanics, and to introduce Revan back into the storyline. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Th
  2. having ANOTHER power house as strong as Revan and Exile, and involving them into a strory originaly about Revan that was expanded to include a character(Exile) never even discussed in the first game would be ridiculous. Not only would this new character not have any significance mentioned in the first game, which did leave room for what happened during the mandalorian wars (covered by Exile)... But this new character would not have been mentioned in the SECOND game with any importance.... So this new character would have to have a backstory intertwined with both Exile and Revan, and t
  3. There are two real things I think the third KOTOR needs to include. One being a storyline revolving around the events that occur after the end of KOTOR2... That being Revan's dissapearance to the outer rim. There is so much room for speculation as to what happened to Revan, it drove me mad at the end of KOTOR2... Making a game take place in another period while leaving such a giant cliffhanger after KOTOR2 would be terrible. The other is what I'm sure many people were upset about in KOTOR2... There were no hooded cloaks!! Making it optional to put on the hood or not would make the mass
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