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  1. The first post is still all the official information we have, yes.
  2. That seems like a pretty fair assessment of what's going on. And I don't think you'll find anyone who'll try and tell you that this whole Steam release occurred as smoothly as possible. Personally, I'd have preferred a free transfer of everyone's purchases over to Steam with the option for further DLC from there, but such was not to be. I'm still waiting on the Ambassador program's 10% coupon before I buy it, but I'm leaning towards picking it up personally because the free DLC is looking like enough bennies to me to make it worth the cash. I fully recognize that there are others for wh
  3. I can only recommend this; the app's fun, sure, but nothing beats playing with actual cards, with some friends, and memeing your way through scenarios.
  4. Well, look at it this way, if you had to spend to bump yourself up to qualify for the Ambassador program, you're not actually missing out on much of a discount, by the math. You could have spent $10 on the 14th on things you didn't care about, and then $18.74 on the base PC release to get the Obsidian edition for free. As it is, as long as you get it while the sale's on, you'll get the Obsidian edition for $30. So you're only losing out on about $1.25 in discounts. Which is not nothing, but it's not a whole lot that you're missing out on, so in your shoes I wouldn't feel too bad abou
  5. Just a different perspective on the same facts, really. The fact remains that if I don't want to give Obsidian any more money... I don't have to, and I can continue to play the mobile version of the game, just the same way I did on the 14th. If I decide I do want the deluxe PC version and all the goodies that come with it, they're going to give me a discount for having paid for the mobile version previously, and they're going to let me carry my saves across platforms. I honestly don't see anything to be mad about over that.
  6. I just wanna say up front that like 90% of the reason I'm posting this is so that I'll get an email response when the answer is inevitably communicated, and I know that if anyone had a firm answer to this we'd know already, but here goes: I know that from other posts the Devs intend to have the Ambassador program work done and ready to go (the bonus DLC as well as the 10% discount coupon) before the Steam sale ends on June 22nd; what I wanted to know was if there was any more specific knowledge about that; are you expecting to have that ready by the end of business today, or is it looking
  7. I think that that is how it should work. One party opens all difficulties to all croups, but it is so long time when Imlast time did new croup that I am not sure of this though. That was my experience; I started a solo Lem playthrough recently and all difficulty options were available to him from the start.
  8. I'm guessing that this is going to be the same functionality that will allow us to link our PC accounts with our Android/iOS accounts to share purchases and content. Are you still on track to have that functionality available when the Steam version goes live on Friday, or is there an expected delay between launch and account linkage?
  9. Sadly, I have to work Wednesday night. Will the livestream be posted on Youtube or anything afterwards?
  10. While I'm thinking about the topic; is anyone familiar enough with this issue to tell me whether or not it will complicate the account recovery process if I play the game at all in the meantime, until support can get to me? ETA: Well, it's a moot question at this point; support's gotten back to me and the problem has been corrected. It was a much quicker fix than I expected; rather impressed with the quick response.
  11. Well, on the one hand, it's frustrating (on a general level) to not be able to do anything about the issue myself. On the other, at least it looks like it's a known issue and should be a (relatively) easy fix for them. Thanks for the info.
  12. So, I've been playing the card game for Android for some time now, on and off, and on Saturday night (the 13th), I decided to put some money into the game; I bought some gold, used it to unlock Burnt Offerings, Lem, and Valeros. About halfway through one of the adventures, I stopped for the night. When I came back to the game the next day, I noticed that all my gold was gone. And after I had completed the adventure I was playing, neither the new characters nor the adventure I had just played was unlocked any longer, and I noticed the 4-digit number after my username was different. I
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