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  1. Maxquest has shared all the speed calculations, so there is nothing stopping you from making an excel spreadsheet if you would like.
  2. Hi Maxquest, can you change the speed calculator to allow up to 43 DEX? I believe wood-elf/godlike ciphers can achieve this with deadfire archipelago (+1), wild leech (+10), food buff (+2), rest bonus (+3), prostitute bonus (+2), viettro's boots (+4), skaen's boon (+1), and effigy's resentment (+1) and wanted to play around with a machine gun build by reducing action by 99% and using an arquebus. It may be worth using other firearms and even a priest with minor avatar or a wizard with martial power instead of wild leech due to diminishing returns of action speed decrease from dexterity (due to ~5 frame inter-action delay). Using your calculator would save me from multiple complex calculations. Many thanks for your hard work on it so far: it's a fantastic tool.
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